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I looked at the job titles of my 7,500 LinkedIn connections, and found about 4,900 unique job titles. The vast majority of my connections work in data science or some analytic field. Some very popular job titles do not contain an analytic keyword: for instance CEO, Consultant, Founder. My own job titles - Co-Founder, Managing Partner - fall in this category despite the fact that among other things and foremost, I am a Data Scientist.

Nevertheless, this data set was incredibly useful to discover thousands of new, interesting job titles. The full data will later be available to members only, but you can get a summary and extract in our DSC-JobTitles.xlsx spreadsheet. The spreadsheet has three tabs:

  • Tab A: data science and analytic-related job titles with 2+ LinkedIn connections
  • Tab B: other related job titles with 2+ LinkedIn connections (CTO, Chief Architect)
  • Tab C: all job titles containing 'Analytic', and starting either with 'Chief' or 'Director' (see below)

Chief Actuary of GeoSpatial Analytics and Modeling
Chief Analytic Officer
Chief Analytics & Algorithms Officer
Chief Analytics Officer
Chief Credit & Analytics Officer
Chief Data and Analytics Officer
Chief Research & Analytics Officer
Chief Scientist, Global Head of Analytics
Chief Scientist, VP of Analytics
Chief Technology Officer, Enterprise Information Management & Analytics
Client Director, Business Analytics
Director - Advanced Analytics
Director - Analytic Science
Director – Analytics Delivery
Director - BI & Analytics
Director - Fraud Analytics & R&D
Director - Predictive Analytics
Director (Analytics and Creative Strategy)
Director (Marketing Analytics)
Director : Digital Analytics
Director Analytics Strategy, JMP
Director Marketing Analytics
Director of Advanced Analytics
Director of Analytic Consulting, Product/Data Loyalty Analytics
Director of Analytic Solutions
Director of Analytics
Director of Analytics (consultant)
Director of Data Analytics and Advertising Platforms
Director of Digital Analytics and Customer Insight
Director of Health Analytics
Director of Innovation, Big Data Analytics
Director of Product, Analytics
Director of Risk Analytics and Policy
Director of Science & Analytics for Enterprise Marketing Management (EMM)
Director of Web Analytics and Optimization
Director, Advanced Analytics
Director, Advanced Analytics, HumanaOne
Director, Advanced Strategic Analytics
Director, Analytic Science
Director, Analytic Strategy
Director, Analytical Services
Director, Analytics
Director, Big Data Analytics and Segmentation
Director, Business Analytics
Director, Business Analytics & Decision Management Strategy
Director, Business Intelligence & Analytics, Pogo
Director, Business Intelligence and Analytics
Director, Business Planning & Analytics
Director, Center for Business Analytics, Stern School of Business
Director, Clinical Analytics
Director, Customer Analytics
Director, Customer Analytics & Pricing
Director, Customer Insights and Business Analytics
Director, Data Analytics
Director, Data Science & Analytics Practice
Director, Data Warehousing & Analytics
Director, Database Marketing & Analytics (Marketing)
Director, DVD BI and Analytics
Director, Gamification Analytics Platform, Information Analytics & Innovation
Director, Global Digital Marketing Analytics
Director, Group Analytics
Director, Head of Forensic Data Analytics
Director, Marketing Analytics
Director, Marketing Analytics for Bing Product Group
Director, Oracle Database Advanced Analytics
Director, Predictive Analytic Applications
Director, Reporting/Analytics
Director, Risk & Analytics
Director, Risk and Business Analytics
Director, Statistical Modeling and Analytics
Director, Statistics and Project Analytics / Senior Analytic Consultant
Director, Strategic Analytics
Director, Web Analytics
Director/Head of Analytics
Director/Principal, Analytics

I am going to analyse a bigger, less structured data set. If you are interested in obtaining the full list of job titles, feel free to sign-up on Data Science Central: you will receive our weekly newsletter with all our internal announcements, including when and how the data will be available.

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