Job interview questions for data scientists

Here's a selection from Udacity's website. Initially, I intended to post questions from Google or Microsoft hiring managers and recruiters, but you can find these questions by doing a Google search, or reading the following book:

Anyway, here are some of these questions and topics to discuss during a job interview for a data scientist position. More can be found here, or in this book. Can anyone provide good answers?

  1. What do you think a data scientist is/does?
  2. What do you think are the most important skills for a data scientist to have?
  3. Which machine learning model (classification vs. regression, for example) to use given a particular problem.
  4. The tradeoffs between different types of classification models. Between different types of regression models.
  5. How to go about training, testing, and validating results. Different ways of controlling for model complexity.
  6. How to model a quantity that you can’t directly observe (using Bayesian approaches, for example, and when doing so, how to choose prior distributions).
  7. The various numerical optimization techniques (maximum likelihood, maximum a posteriori).
  8. What types of data are important for a particular set of business needs, how you would go about collecting that data.
  9. Dealing with correlated features in your data set, how to reduce the dimensionality of data.
  10. Linear/polynomial regression
  11. Decision trees
  12. Dimensionality reduction
  13. Clustering
  14. Why you chose the model you did, given the problem you were trying to solve.
  15. What the features of your data were.
  16. How you tested and validated the results.
  17. What you got out of the project.
  18. When you get a new data set, what do you do with it to see if it will suit your needs for a given project?
  19. How do you handle big data sets — how would you start work on a project with an associated data set that was many tens of GB or larger?
  20. What’s a project you would want to work on at our company?
  21. What data would you go after to start working on it?
  22. What unique skills do you think you’d bring to the team?

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