IoT: How it Affects Mobile App Development

The mobile app industry is one of the most sought-after in the world due to the prevalence of mobile devices worldwide. Really, so much of our lives are done online or through mobile devices that it is now nearly impossible to function without them. This shift in attitudes has delivered an excellent opportunity for businesses. However, the intense competition in the market has driven unique innovations in the mobile app market. For example, take the Internet of Things — one of the most influential technologies in the market right now; IoT has completely transformed mobile apps. For the better, of course. And it also helps that IoT devices are proliferating, with studies predicting there will be 31 billion IoT-enabled devices in the world this year.

But it’s not the popularity that renders IoT so necessary for Android mobile app development, i.e., the combination offers a world of benefits. For starters, there are substantially improved levels of convenience, turning mobile phones into users’ IoT devices. Plus, when you have such a commanding technology backing a mobile app, it leaves a distinctive impression on the brand's users’ minds. Suffice it to say that there are countless ways in which IoT has changed Android mobile app development for the better, some of which have been discussed in detail below.

  1. Enhanced security: IoT is a network of devices connected via the internet. Considering there is a constant exchange of data between these devices, it would understandably be a cause of concern for users, driven developers and companies to offer such tools to ensure the highest possible security levels with their offerings. This results in IoT-enforced development being substantially more secure, thus ensuring that sensitive and personal user data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.
  2. Insights: To help serve users better, deliver high-quality experiences, etc. Android developers and companies need access to data. Do you know what helps with that? IoT. As explained above, it is a network of devices that continuously exchange data within themselves. With IoT-enabled apps, it becomes that much easier for companies to gather valuable information and data about the apps, users, app performance, user preferences, and so many other such factors. This data is then processed and analyzed to help companies determine problem areas, identify solutions and more
  3. Ease of integration with other technologies: Given the continued evolution of technology, apps must be compatible with modern technologies. IoT can be integrated with many novel technologies out there, such as mixed reality, artificial intelligence, etc. As a result, companies can incorporate cutting-edge features and functionalities in their apps.

There is no doubt that IoT is poised to enable groundbreaking change in the mobile app development sector. And any company that wishes to benefit from it would do well to engage the services of a trusted Android application development company ASAP.

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