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Though your impressions of machine learning may be colored by these mass media depictions, today’s algorithms are too application-specific to pose any danger of becoming self-aware. The goal of today’s machine learning is not to create an artificial brain, but rather to assist us in making sense of the world’s massive data stores.

The origins of machine learning – 

Since birth, we are inundated with data. Our body’s sensors—the eyes, ears, nose, tongue, and nerves—are continually assailed with raw data that our brain translates into sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and textures. Using language, we are able to share these experiences with others.

The field of study interested in the development of computer algorithms to transform data into intelligent action is known as machine learning.

Though it is impossible to list every use case of machine learning, a survey of recent success stories includes several prominent applications:-

  • Identification of unwanted spam messages in e-mail
  • Segmentation of customer behavior for targeted advertising
  • Forecasts of weather behavior and long-term climate changes
  • Reduction of fraudulent credit card transactions
  • Actuarial estimates of financial damage of storms and natural disasters
  • Prediction of popular election outcomes
  • Development of algorithms for auto-piloting drones and self-driving cars
  • Optimization of energy use in homes and office buildings
  • Projection of areas where criminal activity is most likely
  • Discovery of genetic sequences linked to diseases

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