This morning, I received the following in my mailbox, from Kaggle:

GE has revealed the private leaderboard on Flight Quest 2 -- and four outstanding winners! The competition has been running since August as the second part of GE's Industrial Internet Flight Quest with a challenge to develop algorithms that increase flight efficiencies in real time, reducing delays and maximizing a flight's profitability. Using national airspace data provided by FlightStats, the winning algorithms determine the most efficient flight routes, speeds, and altitudes by taking into account variables such as weather, wind, and airspace restraints. The 1st place model by José Fonollosa proved to be up to 12 percent more efficient when compared to data from actual flights.

Flight Quest 2 was another massive step in GE's innovative approach to imagining the future of aviation. With some 3800 submissions to the leaderboard, Kagglers simulated well over 50,000,000 flights by modelling their waypoints into the scoring Simulator. Our hats are off to the hard work of everyone on the leaderboard… this is one of the most challenging problems we've ever hosted. Read more »

Just Launched!

Our third Masters comp launched recently by a North American Credit Card Issuer who is modeling their Risky Business. Including this challenge, that's $70K + $125K + $100K = just under $300,000 in prizes over a six month period! If you have not earned a second finish in the Top 10% elsewhere on Kaggle, these next few months will be a great time to seek your status in the Masters tier.

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