Infrastructure transformation to abide by European commission’s new GDPR

European communication and technology industry presently observes strategic business activities in its favor. The adoption of Accenture’s IT services by insurance intermediary Towergate is a recent example of enterprises’ action plan for integration of their services. “To ensure we pave the way for growth, we are transforming our entire IT infrastructure to positively change how we run our business and serve our diverse client base,” said Gordon Walters, CIO, Towergate.


Data management witnessed a paradigm shift with the introduction of cloud computing services. The trend of sharing processing resources swept the market shares of the service industry. So much so research projections indicated that over 90% of organizations in Europe avail cloud services for at least one of their operative segments. Currently, web hosting is the highest availed of all, followed by mail hosting, with cloud storage and sharing at close trail.

While, start-ups like Box, strive to expand their customers across various business segments, established ICT service providers focus on introducing advanced frameworks and acquiring portals to offer better customer services. Traditional telecom services were struck majorly in the past by over-the-top services on internet such as Facebook, Whatsapp, and Skype. At VMWorld 2015 conference in Europe, VMware announced the application network function virtualization (NFV) to help telecom operators shift seamlessly to innovative cloud services.


Just when the businesses were increasingly adopting virtualization for data management and scalable connectivity, the recent nullification of the US Safe Harbor Agreement has caused tremendous commotion among investors. In an environment where start-up ecosystem has seen rapid expansion in the cloud service sector, this comes as a shock for enterprises who have already shifted to cloud storage and servers. The need of the hour is to cross-check their operations with the regulatory framework.


In spite of the investment barrier in replacement of storage locations and data servers for enterprises, cloud service providers expect tremendous market growth in Europe. In terms of growth by application segment, VoLTE services by telecom companies promise maximum demand. Large and medium scale enterprises in the current competitive customer service landscape continue to shift their data management operations to cloud services. Research and development activities dealing with data security issues further keeps the industry motivated.


Paying heed to all market activities in recent past, Research Beam has added a report, titled “Cloud Services in Europe: Trends in Ecosystem Development and Servi...” while taking close note of the driver, restraints, and opportunities for stakeholders. It dives into complex cloud service ecosystem to outline the pockets of potential profitability and recommends investment areas for technology service providers and vendors. Case studies of major CSPs provide an insight to their solutions portfolio, corporate policies, service innovations and economic strategies.


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