Since they made marijuana legal in Washington state, I went to one of my favorite restaurants in Seattle, and discovered that they now use marijuana as an ingredient in their famous recipes, in particular in their smoky macarons.

It has absolutely no effect (mind altering) on me, but it also reminded me when I was young and tried a few drugs: none produced anything other than mechanical effect (increased heart beat) on me. Even alcohol does not produce anything unless I drink more than one bottle of champagne within a 4-hour time period.

Maybe I'm permanently and naturally high all the time without using any drugs (I have some reasons to believe in this) explaining why drugs don't have any effects on my brain, maybe I am an outlier, but maybe it's something different. Maybe these drugs work only for few people, and real drug addicts are the few people truly sensitive to drugs.

A few questions:

  • How do we test this hypothesis (the fact that maybe most people have no reaction to marijuana)?
  • If some people (should it be > 50% of all people) have no reaction to a substance but the substance is otherwise dangerous to others, should it be made illegal?
  • What about substances like peanuts, which can cause overdose on a tiny minority of people? Should we make them illegal?
  • Are people like me not opposed to marijuana just because it has no effect on us, rather than for political reasons? 
  • Why is drug use a political issue? You would think that if people not experiencing drug effects think drugs are OK, these people should be evenly distributed between liberals and conservatives.

This is just food for thoughts. I would love to read your opinion (I'm not conservative nor liberal nor anything else). How do we gather good data on this, to measure the proportion of people not reacting to a normal dose of marijuana, broken down by political opinion? How do we even set up some sort of clinical trial to test my hypothesis that many people (how many?) have no reaction to marijuana, especially if eaten rather than smoked? And how do we make laws based on data rather than on arbitrary arguments lacking statistical significance? Also, how can we guarantee that whoever agrees to do this study, is truly neutral?

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