Ideal Qualifications – Govt. Data Scientist (DS)

An ideal DS must have broad business acumen, corporate expertise, know-how of corporate and government culture, a feel of the fluctuating government political climate and its low(s) & high(s), Popular Industry KPI(s), well versed in the area of large scale multi-million $ budgets,

Knowledgeable in the areas of Advanced Mathematics, Law, Econometrics and Finance, Software Development experience using Java, Python and C; Database experience should include DB2 and Oracle. Other useful expertise includes:  Wireless Communications, SAP background, SAS, knowledge of File Data Transfer Technology, Compliance and Cloud Management.

Education: MBA (Well Known Reputable University), B.S (Math, Econometrics, Operations Research, Finance, Law, Computer Science)

Other Additional Desirable Qualifications: An ability to comprehend State Government (50 States) generated data aimed at identifying data insight(s), data patterns, trending behavior, KP Indicators, and other hidden valuable insights embedded in data not readily visible, which could be combined with Federal government Data to be used for making critical decisions of national importance.

Able to establish data relationship between data elements to be used for “If then” analysis; an ability to establish data models to be used for data projection, predictions and forecasting future events, alerts and or guidelines for future course of actions; development of Insight embedded (leveraging) statistical models and visual analytics; capable to scan multiple sources of diverse data concurrently and spot trends to approximate future course of actions.              

Experience with Hadoop, NoSQL, and Teradata   

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