IBM 4690 Supermarket Application Transaction Data

Good day folks,

I'm conducting a data analytics project for a small supermarket and the IT guy sent me a file (.db0 extension) of their transaction details, but I'm unable to read it.  Apparently it comes from the IBM 4690 Supermarket Application controller.  I've done internet searches and nothing helpful comes up.  The guy that sent it to me said he has never had to convert or read it into CSV or any other file format, so he can't provide any assistance.  Can anyone help?  I've attached an example of the file.

Urgent Help needed.


Here is an example of the file! 20120920_5.db0>>

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Comment by Justin Harris on April 26, 2020 at 9:30pm

I am trying to do something similar with 4680-4690 General Sales Application and I am trying to find DataMiner however it seems ValPos is no longer. Does anyone know where I could find it?

Comment by Bill Sherman on October 4, 2017 at 11:48am

That's the standard transaction log format for IBM (now Toshiba) 4690. A transaction's data ends with a CR and an LF. One record in a transaction is contained within double-quotes. And fields within a record are delimited by colons. Some fields are character. Some are packed. Nothing too special. Glad you found DataMiner! Very useful product! Development was discontinued a long time ago but it was still being licensed/sold via ValPOS. Then the product itself was abandoned. (MGV -> Torex Retail -> Micros Retail -> ... Oracle, actually!) But with the Supermarket Programming Guide you could fairly easily convert the data to a more useful format. XML. Whatever. There are probably other tools that already do that. A lot depends on whether they have custom records (what the documentation calls "strings").

Comment by Bert Riley on November 12, 2014 at 2:55pm

I should have given an update a while ago.  For anyone interested I found a great product called DataMiner for IBM 4690 Systems. developed by micro retails and purchased through ValPOS.  It was exactly what I needed and is an excellent tool for getting and sending data from/to the IBM 4690 using ODBC and SQL.

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