I Just Completed 100 Tableau and Alteryx Focused Blog Posts


I've been writing a Tableau and Alteryx-focused blog for 1.5 years on Wordpress and haven't thought of writing anything here on DSC. I just completed a two-part series that discusses solving problems using innovative approaches with Alteryx and Tableau, which were my 99th and 100th blog posts. They are longer than usual but offer a good insight into my background and why I write a technical blog.

My blog is focused on solving business and science problems using Alteryx, Tableau and R. I write a lot about technical techniques that I have developed using these tools. I have extensive experience with Tableau, beginning in 2008. I have less experience with Alteryx and R but I am deeply involved in using them for some amazing applications. 

View my most recent two posts, click the following links: 

How and Why Alteryx and Tableau Allow Me to Innovate

  • Part 1: You will eventually learn why I have such passion for using Alteryx and Tableau and why I feel compelled to write about these technologies.
  • Part 2:  I focus on explaining how I see creativity and innovation being expressed through the use of Alteryx and Tableau. I explore how the combined usage of these tools allow us to solve complex business and science problems. I think this is important to document because we are now working on problems that were not possible to solve just a few years ago. It is my goal over the next 100 blog posts to document some of the concepts we have developed to accomplish great things.

To review my blog post history and search my site, you can use my Tableau Public workbook, Click here.

Links to My Favorite Posts:

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Comment by Emi Joy on December 2, 2014 at 11:23am

Congratulations on your 100th post!  I enjoyed reading them and especially the "Theoretical Example Based on Real World Complexity".  Great example.  I especially liked reading about the different strengths and weaknesses of both products.  Keep it up!

Comment by Lars Fiedler on November 21, 2014 at 3:59pm

You should check out Composable Analytics.  It kicks Alteryx in the naughty place.

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