Huge Trello List of Great Data Science Resources

I have been reading and collecting data science resources for years (back in the days when BI / BA was all the rage). While there are lots of resources on the net, not all are great and some are even misleading.

Now, I have updated my collection and placed them into a neat Trello list, open to all.

Of course it features some of the great and interesting articles from data science central:

As well as great stuff across the net:

And much, much more. Most are free and some are from the Ivy League (note: they can be challenging for the uninitiated)

So do check out the page. And if you have any resources to recommend, please comment below. You can also drop me a note on the feedback card or you can mail to [email protected] and I will add to the list.

Have fun learning! 

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Comment by Abhishek Jaiswal on June 11, 2016 at 11:59pm


What about the resources for a beginner?


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