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Hi All, I am Oracle DBA by profession (9 years experience), but Mechanical engineer (in fact post graduate) by education. Now, I want to work in the field of BIG DATA & Analytics, using AI techniques (most are open source now-a-days like machine learning Mahout , Spark etc.). However, I am not getting any right opportunity/path to do so. None is such in my current profile. So, seek you all guys expert advise and guidance, what should I do ? How to reach someone who could harness my abilities to optimum. Thanks for your time and advice guys, please help.

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Comment by Manuel Perez on January 2, 2015 at 6:28am

Hi everyone, I could say the same that my colleague in Oracle DBA but I come from of world  IBM zOS mainframe (15 years experience in System area). I would like to start in the same field (Big Data & Analytics) but looking at the data analytic from data coming from IBM mainframe platform. So, which would be the best way to start? . (I'm familiarized with SMF records and I'have worked with other solutions like BSM (Business Service Management) and BSLM (Business Service Level Management). I would be grateful to you any suggestion on  this matter. Thank you very much for your remarks.

Comment by Selvamuthu Kumar on December 24, 2014 at 6:00pm

Hi recently came across this web link which provides some basics on transition/upgrade of skills from DBA to BIG DATA DBA -

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