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How Severe is the Impact of Global Warming and Global Climate Change?

This Report provides results from the Exploratory data analysis done to assess the current state of global warming and climate change and measure their future impacts on the Global temperatures and Rising sea levels. The data analysis performed primarily focus on the answering the three most important questions related to global warming and climate change.

  1. Is the world getting warmer?
  2. If so, are the actions of mankind to blame for earth’s temperature increases?
  3. What can/should be done about these issues?

From the Exploratory data analysis done, it is evident that the world is getting warmer in a rapid pace and primarily driven by the actions of mankind and we should start taking step to curtail the rise in earth’s temperature.

Lets get the result right away! Yes. The temperatures have increased by .60 Degree Celsius. So, if your thinking that .60 Degree Celsius is insignificant wait, think again after having a look at this info-graphic representation of top cities in the world that are at risk given the same rate of rise in temperatures.  

Data Source: Dataset from Goddard Institute for Space Studies (NASA GISS).

Climate Change


The Primary driver of Global warming is Green House Effect. Green house effect is heating up of earth’s atmosphere due to the trapping of infrared radiation. (reflected from the earth’s surface) by the carbon dioxide layer in the atmosphere is called green-house effect.

The green-house effect in the atmosphere occurs due to the presence of a blanket of carbon-dioxide gas in the atmosphere. This blanket of carbon dioxide gas in the atmosphere allows the sunlight to come in freely but does not allow the infrared radiation reflected by the earth’s surface to go out. It is just because the sun light can come in freely but the infrared radiation cannot go out freely that the temperature of earth’s atmosphere is raised.


The rise in temperature produce gas in the by green-house effect on earth’s atmosphere depends on the amount of carbon dioxide gas in the atmosphere. In other words, the proportion of carbon dioxide in atmosphere effects the temperature of atmosphere. So, if the proportion of carbon dioxide gas in the atmosphere increases, then the temperature of earth’s atmosphere will also rise further.


From the analysis performed there is a clear evidence that there is an increase in global temperatures and it is driven by the man-made action like using excessive fossil fuel and Air conditioners etc., Based on the analysis we find that on average the temperate has risen by .60 degree Celsius for years 1995-2014 which is approx. equal to raise of 1 degree centigrade.

In case the land and ocean temperatures continues to raise at the same pace then most of the popular cities will be covered by water due to rise in sea levels. The picture below depicts such unforeseen scenario.

Thus, to avoid such circumstances we need to start taking serious steps to save our planet and ecosystem. Here are some of the actions we can take to prevent global warming and climate changes like:

  1. Replace Regular Incandescent Light bulb
  2. Drive Less or use public transport
  3. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

To get a sense of the data used and EDA techniques used feel free to have a look at my report Global Warming and Climate Change | My Blog

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