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How PROC SQL and SAS® Macro Programming Made My Statistical Analysis Easy? A Case Study on Linear Regression

Life scientists collect similar type of data on daily basis. Statistical analysis of this data is often performed using SAS programming techniques. Programming for each dataset is a time consuming job. The objective of this paper is to show how SAS programs are created for systematic analysis of raw data to develop a linear regression model for prediction. Then to show how PROC SQL can be used to replace several data steps in the code. Finally to show how SAS macros are created on these programs and used for routine analysis of similar data without any further hard coding in a short period of time.

For my full paper, please refer following link at Cincinnati SAS Users Group (CinSUG):

Venu Perla, Ph.D.

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Tags: Biostatistics, Data, Linear, Macro, Proc, SAS, SQL, analysis, data, modeling, More…regression, transformation


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