How did this miss the news? The NBD-PWG!

Early adopters know they’re gambling.  The first versions of anything can prove to be an expensive science fair exhibit.  The Big Data hype cycle has the confounding addition of open source.  The parts are multiplying, overlapping and trumping each other.  Add the change vectors for cloud computing and analytics to get an architectural risk storm.

Without a vocabulary, technology marketers thrive. The product introduction begins with a view of the world that makes the solution obvious or revolutionary. This community has been driving our conversation, coining the words and avoiding comparability.

The old dames of computing standards, the NIST and IEEE, have joined forces to drive a working group toward big data standards.  This effort combines the authority of public bodies, academic advocacy, open impacts and commercial involvement.  Most surprising of all – this maturity usually takes decades to achieve.

Keep the NIST Working Group on your radar, and ask every vendor where they fit in this framework!

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Comment by Nancy Grady on November 12, 2015 at 9:14am
You can see the NIST version 1 published documents at http://bigdatawg.nist.gov/V1_output_docs.php

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