How Cloud Computing Can Solve Business Problems During Coronavirus

With the ongoing pandemic resulting in thousands of lost lives, jobs and degraded businesses, cloud has been a saviour for all. When there is a need for virtual meetings and virtual collaborations cloud has come a long way to serve the people without compromised productivity. 

Cloud computing is the new normal for the majority when everybody is running for digital connectivity and enhanced communication. When the global pandemic has increased human predicament demanding least physical interaction, cloud computing is indeed winning the race. With internet connectivity, the cloud has solved burden mountains for the businesses and individuals. 

A Hard Time For Business

The world is witnessing tough times and businesses are accepting suo moto as their new rule. When asked about the arising business problems, huge industries came forward with major concerns like less product selling and disrupting consumer engagement. Where on the one hand the businesses are trying to ensure the safety and security of their employees, on the other hand it is becoming difficult to manage accounts, payable and compliance. When the businesses are trying to ensure strong relationships with their customers, they are struggling to have resources which could fulfill their needs. 

The businesses are definitely running errands when the pandemic hits to their crucial strings which could possibly be a great loss for their self-existence.

Solving Business Problems With Cloud 

When it is least expected to nourish, cloud is leveraging better possibilities for the businesses. This is how-

1 Progressing business continuity

When the business is least expecting productivity, cloud computing is keeping the situation in control. The cloud solutions possess features like disaster recovery, data backup, automation and business continuity which assures continued stress-free and continued business growth amidst this pandemic. The cloud is providing continuity and reliability during the difficult times.

The time when the IT hassles are hazardous and the IT systems are of no use, cloud based systems are of great help. The cloud business has remote operating capabilities to ensure all time data accessibility and over-the-clock services to the customers. With adapting newest technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning along with cloud computing, the businesses are seeing light today.  

2 Connecting world with cloud computing

There are major companies like Amazon and Google who have always believed in the capacity of cloud. At times when the businesses  have less options, cloud is the one helping them connect to the world. 

Yes, remote work existed before the rise of cloud computing but there were limitations. With cloud computing, there is a wider increase in remote working without any considerable limitations. The applications like Skype, Whatsapp, Slack and others powered by cloud are providing seamless connectivity. Even when we consider jobs like accounting and engineering, cloud systems are available for all of them and all groups of people can connect. There are tremendous project management cloud applications like Trello  helping in efficient collaboration.

Cloud computing is bestowing enormous capabilities to every kind of business be it small or huge. 

3 Securing E-commerce 

Cloud business continuity is the major thing keeping e-commerce intact in the pandemic. Cloud is ensuring smooth business operations when the need for essentials is at peak. 

There are many e-commerce stores running on various web-hosted platforms that are lacking in their services due to sudden increase in the customer demand. Cloud platforms on the other hand are scalable, versatile and reliably guaranteeing least business disruptions. 

One of the major concerns for the online business is security including cyber crimes and frauds. There are situations where the businesses face credit/debit card fraud, phishing, hacking or data breaches but with the cloud there is no need for worrying about security concerns. Cloud computing provides enough security to identify and resolve threats with availabilities like multi-layer data protection and encryption.

4 Expanding businesses at hard times

There are many small businesses barely thought of surviving the pandemic but with cloud computing they are not only standing but expanding their reach. Cloud is helping small businesses with flexible operations. With cloud computing, the businesses have access to requested resources and can also accommodate newest resources with ease which is helping them to expand growth suddenly. Also, the small businesses have monetary advantages when opting for cloud computing as they have options of having only required resources. Small businesses can expand to mid-sized businesses with the invention and implementation of cloud into their infrastructure. 

5 Efficiency with cloud computing

Cloud is more efficient than any other technological solution and this is definitely embracing businesses. The businesses can use cloud software to minimize human errors with better scope of excellence and thus maintaining the business standards. 

The need to blindly spend on IT systems is reduced when cloud comes into the picture. This increases the efficiency without spending much.  

Calling Cloud Computing In Future 

The world still holds the capability to fight such pandemic,the credit goes to cloud and technology. Whether it is an economic crisis, emergencies or natural disaster, we can all rely on the cloud for fruitful results. People can connect from anywhere, businesses can expand and the show goes on, this is all because of the cloud. 

If any business has not adopted cloud to be its partner, it’s high time to take the step and choose cloud computing platforms before other solutions. 

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