How Big Data will disrupt HR and Recruiting--PODCAST

Want to know what we think about how Big Data is going to affect HR and recruiting?

Aspen Advisors Founder, Andrew Gadomski shares his thoughts on Big Data.  Listen here.

This interview is the first of a monthly series of podcasts on Big Data and HR.  Big Data Trends will be available on Recruiting Trends, TotalPicture Radio, iTunes, Stitcher Radio and SoundCloud.  Andrew will host the series, inviting practitioners actively using big data in their organizations to share best practices.

Here's an exert from the podcast, ""In my humble opinion, big data for HR encompasses these three things at its core 1) predictive analysis 2) infusing data from other systems related to finance customer service marketing and other functions, and having the ability to make daily decisions based on evidence that are directly related to HR processes 3) Using both to then design workforce structure and planning." 

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Comment by Bridget Mead on April 25, 2013 at 9:53am

Thanks for reading Fred! The field of I-O is a great partner to have in HR big data. 

Comment by Fred Oswald on April 25, 2013 at 9:46am

The field of industrial-organizational psychology has long trained its PhDs in applying analytics to HR-related data, and thus they are well trained for analyzing 'big data' in HR and recruiting (disclaimer: I'm an I-O psychologist).

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