Hospitality Sector & IoT: A Beneficial Duo for Everyday Life

The Internet of Things is all about gathering data and utilizing it for the conveniences of the end-user. IoT helps build an entirely different universe for the assets that interconnect and cater to all the user demands. It is a high-end technology that has revolutionized multiple industries with automation, data-importance, analytics, and much more.

So, how exactly is the hospitality sector utilizing IoT concepts for sustaining in future? Let's find out.

"Internet of Things and the Hospitality sector, together offer an exceptional guest experience today."

Your guests tend to look for customization and home-comfort everywhere. Be it at their homes, hotel rooms, and workplace. The Internet of Things has collided with technological extremities to develop comfort and satisfaction for your customers. If you own a hotel industry or have your business in the hospitality sector, IoT can be the one good choice for you.

Customizing the facilities makes your guests feel special. However, the main motto behind the hospitality industry is to provide ultimate experience and luxury to your guests. And that is why IoTizing the services become the most suitable choice to do so.


  • Reduced energy consumption costs
  • Better guest management
  • Seamless end-to-end ecosystem

Experimenting IoT in the hospitality sector anticipates the user demands and personalizes the guest experience at an advanced level. The connectedness of the assets like air sensors, voice assistants, motion sensors, thermostats, smart TVs, etc. reflects IoT’s role-and-control on our daily lives. Sensors fetch the essential data to provide different customer insights and their behaviour. This data helps in customizing the facilities and services as per customer desires. Leveraging the potential of these connected devices in a hotel helps provide immense possibilities to streamline operations and improve the experience.

For instance, the hotels implemented with IoT-powered application would allow their customers to interact with their room’s thermostat, keeping their comfort level on the top priority even before they enter into the facility. Using these kinds of applications, your guests can also control smart devices in the room like TV, boiler, geyser, etc.

Smart Homes : Smart Hotels

With the advent of IoT, smart ideas and innovation have become the new reality around us.

Automation is gradually being accepted in the hospitality industry to perform better services, no matter if it’s a home, hotel, or workplace.

Moreover, a majority of consumers use AI-powered devices like google home, amazon echo to make smarter homes and simplify their tasks. 69% of people in the US households own at least one smart home device per house.

However, getting the IoT solutions implemented ‘right’ is the only issue that the hotel industry faces. Technologies like sensor-enabled thermostats, digital keys, and in-room streaming bring an innovative platform powered by IoT to enhance the customer experience. We can say that implementing IoT with the hotel business takes care of security, improves the infrastructure with lots of opportunity areas where you can provide your customers with better facilities.

Taking the example of Hilton’s DIY approach;

The president and CEO of the Hilton hotel, Nassetta describes the Hilton’s connected rooms to be “the first truly mobile-centric rooms.” He says, “Through the app, members will be able to seamlessly control their room’s lighting, HVAC [heating, ventilation, and air conditioning], and entertainment options, including pre-loaded and streaming content.”

The Hilton is said to have invested a lot in mobile app technology over a few years including digital key access and allowing the users to pick their choice of rooms when checking-in via mobile. Multiple platforms are supported through their app services like light control, air cooling/heating, and entertainment. Making the smartphone a remote control for the hotel room, Hilton has embraced IoT as technology and automation as its service for hospitality business growth.

IoT Business Solutions for the Hospitality Industry

·       Energy Monitoring

In the hospitality sector, it is a mandatory aspect to keep track of the energy consumption per individual to avoid energy wastage. An IoT solution can be significantly used to automatically adjust room temperatures, and also automating the electric appliances as soon as the guests leave. It seems difficult to accurately measure energy consumption in real-time for the hotels, but with the help of IoT devices and innovative solutions, it has become quite easy to detect accuracy in energy consumption levels. Specialized sensors and automated devices fetch data from networked rooms and facilities, reflecting the consumed amount to generate accurate bills. Also, it is found that almost 25% of utility costs can be saved by using IoT solutions, which saves a huge sum of money for the hotel industrialists.

·       Room/Facility Automation

Hotels are known for their catering services and satisfying the consumers at every possible level. Be it a conference or other large event like weddings; hosting at the hotel facilities seems luxurious. Moreover, adding IoT technology offers a VIP-like experience to every guest, eliminating lengthy registration processes and effective queue management. With the help of biometric tokens and advanced algorithms, the solution automates the lengthy procedure to let your guests enter without any further wait. IoT is indeed a high-value addition in the hospitality sector to improvise the facilities as per the situation, along with safeguarding each information with utmost security by complying with all data privacy regulations.

·       Smart Property

Integrating IoT along with predictive maintenance offers a sustainable move for the hospitality industry. With the help of multiple IoT assets in a system, the predictions for property maintenance becomes tractable in real-time. Thus, leading to a smart property solution an IoT-powered system provides up-to-date information about the interconnected assets, which allows the staff to keep track of regular maintenance and future requirements. The Internet of Things also promotes smart maintenance of the hotel property with its intelligence to provide quick repair when the sensors detect faults like leaking taps or electric appliances not working properly. IoT works upon sensor devices that identify the potential faults in the entire property and alert the authorities to take immediate action.

IoT is empowering every sector, including hospitality with its high-end solutions. Using innovative concepts like predictive analysis, the Internet of Things is transforming the industry with improved operations, analytics, and data management. Automating traditional homes with technology was never thought of the necessity in earlier times; but with time, IoT and smart concepts are leading us with unique ways to live life. All thanks to the introduction of IoT and automation for improving our living standards and simplifying everything around us.

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