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Despite years of criticism and negative publicity, Hedge funds have evolved as higher return generating machines. Thanks to all those amazingly weird Hedge Funds strategies. If you try to look at the overall picture, you will find that Hedge funds have now become a part of Wall Street’s eco-system.

Hedge funds strategies and hedge Funds in themselves have made headlines over the years due to various reasons.  You will be awe struck when you find out what kinds of perks are given by some hedge Fund Firms to their Analysts/Managers.

  • Former hedge fund Manager, Julian Robertson would fly his analysts for hiking and camping trips to the West as part of a team-building exercise.
  • Texan hedge fund manager Kyle Bass takes his whole investment team for spear fishing for a week in the Bahamas, every year.
  • Paul Tudor Jones orders his traders fried chicken on Fridays on a good week. But if they have a down week, they get sushi.
  • Blackstone, a hedge fund firm, has an in-house shoe shine person.
  • Ray Dalio’s Bridgewater Associates has a luxury bus that picks up its analysts in the city every morning. The bus has an individual TV on the back of every seat along with drinks and snacks onboard.

So if you want to enjoy such perks, you have to be 100% amazing at your job.

And what’s the answer to be an Amazing Hedge Fund Analyst/Manager? Your ability to properly apply Hedge Funds Strategies to get those handsome returns for your investors.

In this article, we will be covering the common Hedge Fund Strategies that make these funds successful

  • # 1 Long/Short Equity Strategy
  • # 2 Market Neutral Strategy

  • # 3 Merger Arbitrage Strategy

  • # 4 Convertible Arbitrage Strategy

  • # 5 Capital Structure Arbitrage Strategy

  • # 6 Fixed-Income Arbitrage Strategy

  • # 7 Event Driven Strategy

  • # 8 Global Macro Strategy

  • # 9 Short Only Strategy

  • Top Hedge Funds in 2014

The Major Hedge Funds Strategies are as follows:

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