Healthcare Informatics and Agile Project Management - Intro

Healthcare Information Management Systems need updates and changes as other industries. Agile Project Management that can be utilized to manage and implement these small or large healthcare informatics projects in small chunks of work. Agile projects deliver value to the hospital/clinic management in frequent small deliveries of product in terms of software updates, addition of new modules, and update of existing modules which can also be called features. We use the traditional Waterfall Methodology, in the beginning to collect the requirements for the project, as it is vital for any project to have documentation to make the project HIPPA compliant. 


Once the requirements are collected then the design of the whole solution gets started and would be completed in specified time, as mentioned in requirements, when this (these) features/modules need to be available for the hospital staff to start work with. Next phases are followed by the


-- Development,

-- Testing, and

-- Implementation of the product. 


If this whole process takes a year to complete as traditional Waterfall has the tendency to lengthen the project, the business does not see any concrete significance until the very end of that project.


When we decide to use Agile Project Management, these features/modules are produced via diminutive logical chunks of smaller tasks called iterations or sprints. Usually the business needs in Healthcare industry do not change that frequently, however Agile is a great technique to use when, any of the changes are needed to be embodied in the current system or any alterations are required due to a merger etc. 


Every single iteration can be easily accommodated when we use Agile Project Management, and the project associated staff can focus on what are the business needs now, rather, what these needs will be in distant future. 

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