Zettaset today announced the release of Version 4 of its big data management solution, which offers several new service management features, including the industry's first NameNode Failover, as well as JobTracker Failover, Oozie Failover and a unique visual user interface (UI). Built on Hadoop and other high-volume, open-source technologies, Version 4 offers greater stability within Hadoop while providing a solution to manage big data that is more accessible to IT pros, yielding productivity and cost efficiency benefits.

Version 4 of Zettaset's big data management solution provides a fault-tolerant, automated, highly available version of Hadoop. The goal being to provide a Hadoop system that seamlessly manages itself, with no single points of failure.

First NameNode Failover and Increased Security: With the addition of failover for NameNode, JobTracker and Oozie service managers, Zettaset has created the first self-healing big data management environment within Hadoop that anticipates potential system failures and corrects them before problems occur. It accomplishes this by shifting jobs from malfunctioning to fully functioning nodes, ensuring there are no service interruptions while reducing the risk of data loss.

Version 4 also features a Network Time Protocol to prevent clock drift and eliminate vulnerabilities in the system. It also uses Kerberos authentication to add a secure layer tied to Zettaset user sessions and mitigate security related risks.

"NameNode, JobTracker and Oozie Failover are a first for our industry, providing an effective out-of-the-box solution to data loss issues within Hadoop," said Michael Dalton, CTO and co-founder of Zettaset. "The new intuitive point-and-click interface is easy enough for any IT professional to operate and eliminates the need to hire extra specialists, making Hadoop accessible to small and mid-sized businesses rather than just large enterprises."

Streamlined Browser-Based Service Management UI: Zettaset's new service management UI adds a sophisticated browser-based point-and-click interface that facilitates visual system health monitoring while doing away with cumbersome hand-coded command lines. With support for most major web browsers, this streamlined UI makes it possible to perform tasks in minutes that may have previously taken hours.

The new UI also simplifies interaction with MapReduce, allowing users to customize and submit map reduce jobs in seconds, as well as browse and monitor jobs visually. It also adds interactive batch processing to data management technology Hive and boosts productivity by checking for syntax errors from within the browser.

New Tree View Filesystem: The Zettaset solution now includes HDFS FileSystem Explorer to simplify file navigation by presenting a tree view of the raw Hadoop file system. Using this tree view file system, Zettaset users can:

-- List files, owners and permissions

-- Create, upload, download, delete, rename and display files

-- Create, delete and rename directories

"Our main goal in Version 4 was to give our clients what they were desperately asking for in their enterprise deployments, which was a safe, highly available Hadoop solution, while also making our platform more intuitive," said Brian Christian, CEO of Zettaset. "We've accomplished both those goals, and we're proud of our ability to push the management of big data to the next level by making it accessible to more organizations. Since all business processes generate data, both small and large businesses that want to scale a solution can benefit from our big data management solution. We couldn't be more excited to roll out this newest upgrade."

Pricing and Availability

Zettaset's data management solution is scalable to fit the pricing needs of the enterprise as well as small- to medium-sized businesses. For pricing information, visit www.zettaset.com .

About Zettaset

Zettaset delivers a fault-tolerant and highly available solution for massive data aggregation. Built on Hadoop and other leading open-source technologies, the company's big data platform is a high-performance, easy-to-deploy solution with no single points of failure. Zettaset's software manages the health, security and administration of the enterprise Hadoop environment. The company's solution enables true redundancy and real-time business intelligence for organizations of all sizes, while its simple licensing model leads to a significantly lower total cost of ownership. For more information, visit www.zettaset.com 

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