Interesting topic posted by InfiniteLoop on PerlMonks, back in 2008!

This having been a boring week, I was catching up on http://hadoop.apache.org. A brief Google search for Perl interface(s) to Hadoop came up with naught. My questions are: have you used Hadoop ? Do you know of any way to use Perl with Hadoop ?
Also includes comments on HBase, Python, Java etc. Here is a useful comment:
I've added Hadoop::Streaming to cpan. This module aims to simplify the Streaming interface to Hadoop, by automating the input/output mapping. I found the initial module on github, then extended it with new features and tests and pushed it to CPAN. Please take a look and let me know how to make it more useful, especially to the new-to-hadoop and new-to-hadoop-streaming user! Specifically I've added new documentation to the root level Hadoop::Streaming, and I'd love feedback.
Just in case you want to try Hadoop and you are a Perl guy...

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