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GUI software for database performance management

As the size of the database grows database performance becomes critical. Automation is a growing focus for data center operators facing increasingly complex environments. Database administration is complex, repetitive and time consuming. DBAs have to work long hours during off hours downtime. The outage of database costs heavily to the companies and affect their repute.

Shopping engines and online shopping places are highly dependent on database performance. Slower application performance hugely impacts customers. On the internet a visitor doesn’t wait for the page to be opened and buy the item, instead he continuously visits web pages and leaves the slower pages. Slower pages annoyed the visitor and the visitor goes to competitor page and buys the same item at same or even at a fewer price.

Research shows that an average number of hosts that an internet browser has to call in order to fully load a webpage is around 10. Anyone of them, at any point in time, in any geography may become slower enough that a visitor decides to leave the page. This in turn, negatively impacts sales. In addition, it is the website owner that takes the hit to brand and reputation.   

As a solution to the problem companies have application performance management tools in place. Some database comes with their own database performance management tools however companies are focusing on GUI based performance management tools it is easy to work with these tools without DBA involvement. These tools are designed to be used on servers that are running the most critical applications that need high level visibility into performance metrics.   

Some external tools (for instance High Load Capture) help perform root cause analysis of Oracle, DB2, SQL server, MySQL, Sybase and MongoDB database centric multi-tiered applications. 

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