Greenplum & Kaggle partnership, and OpenChorus

Greenplum is very excited to announce the availability of the Greenplum Chorus source code and continue its goal of enabling organizations to derive greater insight and economic value from Big Data through a partnership with Kaggle, a platform for data science competitions. 
Greenplum’s OpenChorus Project, a Greenplum Chorus open source initiative, has a mission to foster widespread development of Big Data applications and community. 
The Kaggle and Chorus integration brings a new dimension by expanding the opportunity for the industry to realize the benefits of collaborating around Big Data and for elite data scientists to expand the market for their skills.
Learn about the OpenChorus Project, read the full announcement, and get involved in ourCommunities!
Get access to software, tools, and forums to help you create powerful technology and applications that will advance your Big Data analytics efforts. Learn more about the Kaggle data scientist community, watch Data Scientis Summit videos on-demand, and network with your peers.

Download the latest open source software to share ideas and further the development of our Big Data ecosystem. Greenplum Chrous source code and Madlib for scalable in-database analytics are available now.

Connect with industry-leading infrastructure, consulting, and technology providers to achieve results with Big Data analytics. Join Greenplum's Partner Community to try our latest software, collaborate on open source development projects, and access the many tools and resources available to our community members.
Find resources, read about customer successes, and view videos to learn more about the benefits of Greenplum solutions. Download free versions of Greenplum Database and Greenplum Chorus to start your Big Data project.
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