Everybody talks about beautiful charts and graphs, usually produced by Tableau or R, see links below. They are definitely great and I guess publishers (including us!) love to regularly show such graphs to our readers because it generates a lot of reactions. 

But what about graphic diagrams (see examples below) - the kind of stuff you typically produce with Visio ? Why very few people mention them? They are certainly as important as info-graphics for communication purposes, although they are used in the early stage (design) of data science projects, rather than in the final stages (sharing insights). They are certainly very useful to represent database schema, algorithms, workflow, complex hierarchical processes, patent illustrations, dashboard designs and essentially any type of architecture associated with data science projects. And even for marketing purposes.

By the way, which software produce these diagrams (besides database GUI's and Visio)? Can Tableau, R or SAS produce these diagrams? See five random illustrations below: one produced with JMP - a decision tree, one with Visio (click scoring diagram in one of my patent documents), and the first three ones - not sure how they were produced (they are not from me - first one might be from O'Reilly).

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Comment by Vincent Granville on March 21, 2013 at 7:54am

Regarding Tableau, here's one diagram that they presented during their presentaion The 5 Most Influential Visualizations of All Time

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