Global NoSQL Market Predictions 2023: North America

Not only SQL (structured query language), also known as NoSQL, is a popular tool used for data management and design of large chunks of distributed data. NoSQL database includes a wide variety of technologies and architecture that are designed to overcome scalability and big data performance problems. NoSQL is a useful tool used by organizations from across the globe to deal with large quantities of semi-structured and unstructured data or even data that is stored remotely. Google BigTable, Voldemort, Apache Hadoop, MapReduce, and MemcacheDB are some of the NoSQL implementations launched in the global NoSQL market. NoSQL databases enable better management of larger volumes of data with superior performance. NoSQL databases have the capacity for object oriented programming and quick iteration. With so many features, the demand for NoSQL databases is expected to increase in the coming few years.

Graph stores, document database, key-value stores, and wide-column stores are some of the types of NoSQL databases. The key-value store type of NoSQL database is most commonly used, as it facilitates usage of e-commerce, web-based applications, and session management. The document database type of NoSQL database has also gained global acceptance due to its simple design. NoSQL databases have gained lot of momentum due to factors such as advancements in technology, advancements in information technology (IT), and growth in internet access across the globe.

North America to Generate Major Demand for NoSQL Database

The global NoSQL market  is segmented on the basis of geography and application. By geography, the global NoSQL market is divided into North America, Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Africa, Europe, and Latin America. Increasing internet access and management of social media are the major factors responsible for the growth of the North America NoSQL database market. In terms of development, Asia Pacific is predicted to be the fastest growing region in the global NoSQL market in the coming few years. Some of the prominent players in the global NoSQL market are IBM Corporation, Oracle Corporation, Objectivity, Inc., Aerospike, Inc., Cisco Systems, Inc., Microsoft Corporation, MarkLogic Corporation, Couchbase, Hypertable, Inc., and Neo Technology. With new players entering the global NoSQL market, the existing players are expected to face high level of competition in the coming few years.

The Many Factors Driving the Global NoSQL Database Market

As a NoSQL database is an open source database, security of data is always a pertinent issue. However, factors such as the capacity to manage huge amounts of data at a time and flexibility of data models are expected to propel the global NoSQL market during the forecast period. Seamless operation with cloud systems and high scalability are two of the other major driving factors of the global NoSQL market. By application, the global NoSQL market is classified into mobile and telecommunication, finance and banking, biotechnology, defense, and geoscience. NoSQL databases have an inexpensive, efficient and scalable architecture, which increases its flexibility. Compared to RDBMS, a NoSQL database allows organizations to better manage, store, and process larger volumes of data.  

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