Giviing Big Data Publishing the Royal Treatment

A NoSQL database from MarkLogic provides the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) with the ability to unlock a treasure trove of assets.  Now the RSC can publish three times as many journals and four times as many articles. It also gave the Society the ability to develop new educational applications to make chemistry accessible to a wider audience.

Modern approaches to information products replete with full text search have the power to transform your business.  Built on an enterprise hardened NoSQL database that can ingest data in real time using a "schemaless" design, they provide a brilliant user experience displaying search results, allowing users to filter, save searches and more.

Unstructured data assets hidden in the recesses as dark data can be consolidated with new forms of data streaming from the internet.

"The accumulated content includes more than 1 million images, millions of science data files, and hundreds of thousands of articles from more than 200,000 authors. On top of that, add the recent capture of social media, video, and other digital content."   

There's a link to the full article from InfoWorld here:


This reminds me of another application built on MarkLogic called AuthorMapper from Springer Media. Using geospatial search, users can zoom into countries, identify articles of interest, read the abstracts, search by date range, apply full text search and more - all within a durable, reliable enterprise NoSQL platform that offers real time alerts in a scale out environment.  Can MongoDB do this?   No they can't.

New Information products like these can be brought to market quickly since developers can built them with Java, Rest and other common languages.   Extending them to include interactive analytics in the form of data visualization is built into MarkLogic.  Don't be fooled by NoSQL pretenders only to discover you need to write hundreds of thousands of lines of code. 

You can watch a video of the RSC at www.marklogic.com under the Customers tab.  Click on videos and it’s in the lower right.  You can experiment with the Springer application at www.authormapper.com

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