The Telecom market is saturating and to increase their turnovers, operators are very creative and launch many innovative offers combining devices (mobile phone, MP3 players...), software (music downloads,...) and network (IP calls, ...). On another level, operators would first like to set trustworthy relationships with their good clients and therefore identify them and propose them quality services. To do so, the advanced knowledge of the customers’ past experience is fundamental. In fact, for the operators, the point is to define the most appreciated devices and services, to know what each customer does, which services he uses the most, the turnover  and profitability generated as well as the impact of network quality issues on the company’s finances (loss, contract cancellation, ...).


To get an overview of the services performance and quality of a network, it is convenient to refer to measurable indicators that give indications on a network activity. However, obtaining these data requires setting up specific measures such as the ones proposed by Agilent, the global leader in this area. To get the business and technical views of the customers experiences (communication success/failures,...) the company has to implement the indicators in a data warehouse like Teradata does implement for its Telecom operators customers.


Agilent and Teradata have signed a strategic partnership in order to propose to the Telecom operators a unique and clear view of their own customers. A road map has been set to reinforce and go deeper with the technical implementation, as well as a joint team has been set up to promote the best solutions’ uses of the two partners. In this partnership, Agilent brings its deep knowledge of networks and its solutions that deliver everyday an important amount of data; Teradata offers the possibility to get a unique view of the network and the clients, by allowing the storage of all the data needed, that are generally spread in several Data Marts developed by the different departments in charge of the customers and network management.


Finally, from a financial point of view the joint offer of Agilent and Teradata allows companies to get a highly scalable data warehouse with a very low TCO thanks to the rationalization brought by the Data Marts consolidation. From a business point of view, the implementation of the customers and network data increases the analysis possibilities, the knowledge a company has about its clients and for instance to develop programs aiming at improving customers’ satisfaction and reduce the churn.


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