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From Software Testing to Data Science

Roles are evolving and nowhere is this more evident than in the workplace. People are beginning to drift away from work that took 4 years of university to learn to take up jobs that took 3 months of Udacity to master. And It is now extremely common to see people make dramatic 180-degree career switches towards jobs they feel are either more profitable or more interesting.

As a Software Tester, you are doing work that is obviously very important, testing software for any possible malfunctions before rolling out is absolutely vital to the growth of any company. And you might therefore not see the need to make the shift from Software Tester to data scientist. But the truth is Data Science solves a lot of problems for businesses and HR Officers are now beginning to regularly post for Data Scientists in their job offerings.

However, the good news is that you as a Software Tester can easily make the transition into a data scientist. Data Science and Software Testing are stems branching out from the same root. However standard Software Testing practices are not equipped to work with the large volume of data or even to give much insight on how to solve problems.

Data Science, on the other hand, is simply the use of analytical tools to convert raw, scattered data into useful and cohesive knowledge. A typical data scientist analyzes text, image or video and gives the business the raw unfiltered truth on how well they are performing. And also gives steps on how to press the business forward as part of prescriptive analytics.

Although switching from Software Testing to Data Science might on the surface seem like taking a nosedive into the Niagara the truth is that both fields call on almost the same aspects of our technicality. To succeed in both fields you need strong analytical and technical skills, diligence, ability to pay attention to tiny details and willingness to learn. Which means absolutely anybody with these traits can easily make the jump from Software Testing to Data Science. 
You also do not need to be the best and brightest in code development to begin to learn Data Science as there a great number of tools developed for the non-developer.

To properly learn and immerse yourself in this field you can take online courses from reserves like EdX, Coursera and Udacity with renowned Data Scientists. These courses are the easiest and fastest way to gain adequate knowledge of Data Science methodology, and who knows in 6 months time you might become one of the best numbers cruncher.

Good luck!

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