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Here are several different ways to leverage Data Science Central for your benefit, at no cost.

  1. For alumni, professors, students and people in academia. List you data science program in our training section. Include a picture of the campus or buildings after the first paragraph, and a description of the program, as in the following example. This is a great way to promote your university!
  2. For authors, publishers and book readers. You love a data science book, write or publish books? Post relevant books here (with a picture of the book or author), include author bios, table of content and sales pitch, and a link to the publisher website where the book can be purchased. It's as simple as a 'copy and paste' from the publisher website. Follow this example, and post your book to make sure that it gets noticed, featured in our digest and re-posted / re-tweeted on social networks. Book announcements (just like new data science courses) are very popular, resonating well with our audience.
  3. Are you organizing an event, meetup or workshop or conference? Or maybe you are a speaker, professor, trainer or vendor at a particular event? Get this event listed here. That's an easy way to drive attention to your presentation or event.
  4. You have written a great article. Publish it in our data science research center.
  5. You've found a valuable resource, or you wrote an article or you own a blog with great resources on Hadoop / R / Python / Machine learning (tutorials, cheat sheets, references) or data sets. Post this stuff in our resource center so that all of us can enjoy it.
  6. You have great salary surveys to share? Post them here, this is a great way for HR people or HR analytic companies to get noticed.
  7. Press releases can be posted here.
  8. Are you a publisher looking for new content to add to your site, or for some free publicity? Use one of our RSS feeds on your website, they are free to use. Or write a guest blog on DSC.
  9. Have a technical question? Ask it in our forum section, to get feedback or answers from community members.
  10. Have a competition that you would like to promote? Publish it here.

Posting recommendations

All posts are subject to approval. Not all posts are featured. Featured content also appears in our newsletter, RSS feeds, and on our Facebook, Google+, Twitter (@AnalyticBridge, @DataScienceCtrl) and LinkedIn accounts, and is shared by numerous readers. Check out posts by other members before submitting an article, news, question, contribution or discussion, to have an idea about the format. Commercial posts are not accepted (contact our sales team for advertisements).

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