Free NAS eBook: "Frontiers in Massive Data Analysis"

A new 191-page PDF eBook published by the National Academies of Sciences Press is available, "Frontiers in Massive Data Analysis," and can be downloaded for free (after free website registration):


The first 9 of the 10 chapters offer a comprehensive survey of state-of-the-art big data architectures, machine learning, and analysis techniques.

Chapter 10 really shines as it offers a new framework for evaluating systems and techniques intended to conduct massive data analysis. Called the "seven giants," it's patterned after the "seven dwarfs" of evaluating high-performance computing systems. The seven giants are:

  1. Basic statistics,

  2. Generalized N-body problem,

  3. Graph-theoretic computations,

  4. Linear algebraic computations,

  5. Optimization,

  6. Integration, and

  7. Alignment problems. 

For each of these problem domains, the chapter describes what it is, and what the challenges and examples of notable approaches are.

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