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Four Effective Field Data Collection Software/App for Your Team

When we talk about understand what a business requires to improve and upscale their operations, it is widely recognized that there is a need to integrate data integration in real time. If we take the example of a retail business, it is necessary that we understand just how and to what level performance reports and field data inputs can be utilized to improve upon an existing business. A business’ success depends almost entirely on how efficiently their marketing strategy helps promote the product.

Now, without accurate inputs about the market scenario, day to day data accumulation, visualization and analysis, an organization cannot design an appropriate strategy. In order for this to happen, it is necessary that the pertinence and relevance of field data is recognized by field team managers and other back end managers. But, most importantly, it is necessary to ensure that an adequate method has been narrowed down upon, such as mobile data collection software.

Why this, you ask? An effective data collection software can both avoid and correct any discrepancies that may occur in manual field data reporting. Simultaneously, it also allows the field team to timely relay all essential data to their offsite managers who can then compare their reports to tweak the existing business strategy.

While there are several mobile data collection apps and/or software in the market, we have compiled a list of the most effective data collection tools here:

FReD aka Field Reporting Dude- With the desire of taking their field data reporting to the level and elevating the purpose of the acquired data, a number of leading companies across verticals have opted to utilize FReD.

This particular app from 360 Field Reporting is specifically meant for retail businesses with an easily integrated module that serves field merchandising and retail audit requirements. With field data collected, transferred and analyzed in real time, FReD allows a business to reach maximum efficiency in the form of field data collection software.

The software can be integrated with an organization’s existing retail execution software and be made available on multiple devices simultaneously in order to allow field executives and managers to execute critical decisions speedily. It also hosts features such as GPS tagging, photo capture, merchandise management etc.

Repsly Classic- Repsly Classic is a mobile CRM solution from Repsly Inc. It is a mobile data collection and management software designed keeping in mind the end user. This app also focuses upon helping businesses simplify their process of creating and sharing forms, data collection, appointment scheduling, order tracking etc.

Repsly specifically focuses upon businesses where their operations recur between existing customers and the tasks assigned go full circle between order taking and replenishment time and again. While mobile data collection software such as FReD focus on helping the field team and the retail operators, Repsly focuses more upon decreasing the communication gap between the field team and their managers.

iForm Builder- This is an all in one database based software which allows users to collect and track all data in the same location. Unlike FReD or Repsly, iForm Builder does not necessarily help businesses track and execute information in real time. It does not help the business owner and management to use field data while keeping track of merchandising requirements etc. altogether.

Instead, this data collection app focuses on using data already collated and converting them into digital form for the ease of use by field executives and managers together. They can further use the data already entered to reference data required thus eliminating the need for manual records.

Collect- Collect by Social Cops is another data collection app that is available on the Google Play store that focuses on helping a business convert all their manual data collection methods into the digital form.

This app specifically works around or rather centers upon the usage of an android app for surveying and non- commercial data collection purposes.

Looking to ease and secure data collection? Try one of our top ranking field data collection apps today!

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