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Whichever role you be in there are broadly 3 ways to be on a continuous learning track for your specialization field. Say, you are a doctor and for a doctor it is very essential to be up to date with all the latest pharmaceutical techniques and medicines. What are the avenues or channel you can take to keep yourself updated. First, you will read lots of latest edition books and magazine on medicine. Second, you will learn from your peers. Thirdly, you learn from your own experience. These three sources are almost always the top three whatever your profession is. Coming down to analytics industry, we again see these three as the source of learning and updating yourself .

1. Analytics training : Training and courses on analytics are very effective to build an understanding of new concepts in a short duration. We have briefly covered all the training/courses available on analytics in India.


2. Experience : Analytics industry gives a variety of exposure to every professional working in this industry. We might be working on survival analysis on one day and text mining on another. Experience is the most common and effective tool to be updated and constantly learn in any profession.


3. Peer learning : Unfortunately, not most of the analytics profession learn a lot from peers because it is always hard to find time for additional info after our own exhaustive schedule . But fortunately in this digitized world, we get opportunity to read perspective of other's in this industry through various blogs.  The best part of this channel is that we get an additional edge of knowing what people matured into industry think about different subject matter.  I personally find this channel extremely efficient in collecting data to build my own perspective on subjects I don't deal directly on day-to-day basis.This article will list down 5 of the blogs, I recommend all readers to follow.

peer learning


List of 5 must read blogs :


1. Google analytics : [ ]

This is the official blog of Google analytics.  What makes the blog so important for me? I use google analytics extensively to monitor my own website. Also it helps me identify some key behavior in people from different nationalities and hence frame a strategy accordingly.  As you would expect, this blog keeps readers up to date with feature improvements, looks at issues around conversion and social media and features case-studies of Analytics users. Therefore, it becomes a must read from me and like users. In one of the recent article "Storytelling with data using measureful and google analytics"   John Koenig talks about a framework to google analytics to make a strategy case.

2. Analytics Talk : []

Analytics Talk is the personal blog of Justin Cutroni, the Analytics Advocate at Google. This blog contains latest Google updates and their relevance for day-to-day users. One of the most helpful blog written by Justin was "How to use google analytics content grouping : 4 Business examples". What additional does this blog has apart from official google analytics blog? The biggest difference which I found in the two blogs was that Justin Cutroni picks some of the most useful trends and publishes them whereas the official blog is more global in nature and hence some times not very relevant for all users.

3. Data Science central : [ ]

Data science central is almost a repository of all business analytics/big data blogs. This has its own pros and cons. If you have plenty of time, you can rest assured that you will find something you will really like to read. But, you really have to search for the right articles. I personally am a big fan of the main author Vincent Granville's articles. I always take a glance on the weekly digest of this blog and go into article if it's heading excites me.

4. Analytics Vidhya : [ ]

Even though I am a content editor of Analytics Vidhya, I still love reading to some very insightful articles written by Kunal Jain on the blog. The focus of the website is on development of analytical skills and collecting analytic industry best practices using  case studies ( , enlightening disucssion on some specific modelling techniques and inspiring interview from CEO of Fractal analytics Mr. Srikanth ( and top Kaggler Mr. Steve( .

5. Financial Times : [;]

FT does not directly links to business analytics. But to be a true analyst you need to reflexive on the latest market trends and business scenarios. FT regularly covers the impact big data has on business and how it shapes up some of the key business strategies. One the the recent article publish "What Big data means for business?" demonstrates the same.

End Notes :  

Reading blogs not only makes you aware of the latest trends and techniques of the industry but also gives you a new perspective to think over popular issues. Do you agree with this statement? We will like to know other blogs which can be useful to analytics professionals.

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