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Fiori Is The Latest Buzz Word In The SAP World

What is SAP Fiori? Well, in simple words, the Fiori buzz can be defined as newly written series of apps by SAP which is meant to address most frequently and broadly practiced SAP functions- like information lookups, workflow approvals & self-service tasks. It’s to stress here that SAP is building the Fiori applications on its state of the art SAPUI5 user-interface framework.

Earlier business software programs often lacked a smooth user experience but Fiori is claimed to change all that. In fact, the new development from SAP is something more than a mere fresh user-interface. You are getting a series of cross-device apps here which can be accessed across desktops, smartphones, and tablets. It implies that Fiori will allow you to begin a needed process on desktop & continue the same on smartphone or tablet.

Fiori was initially launched with 25 apps to cater to most regular business functions for 4 main user roles, namely, employee, manager, sales representative & purchasing agent. Moreover, SAP is planning apps for many other roles like purchasing manager, controller, sales analytics, sales manager, credit manager & production planner.

SAP has this vision to redefine the very way business software users perform daily tasks with the creation of a superior intuitive framework & user experience – akin to how users interact with technologies in regular life. Some example applications are: approve the travel expenses, approve leave applications, paystubs, timesheets, the creation of sales orders, client invoices etc.

Fiori Apps

Till date, SAP has released 2 waves of apps for Fiori and each wave contains 25 apps. The Fiori apps can be divided into 3 broad sections-

Transactional Apps

These apps perform the transactional tasks like creating leave applications for employees. Transactional Fiori apps address simplified views & interaction with existent business solutions and processes. They operate best on SAP’s HANA database – yet these could also be operated on other forms of databases with compatible performance.

Fact sheets

These apps display data regarding major business goals in SAP. Let’s say a fact-sheet Fiori application for viewing central purchase deal would enable you to drill down to pertinent entities as well- like vendor contracts.

Analytical Apps

The Analytical applications offer role-based perspective into the real-time business operations by collection & display of key figures right in the browser. These apps combine data & analytical prowess of HANA with integration & interface component of the SAP Business Suite. The user can be assured of real-time data on big volume data that would appear in an easy front end to ensure good enterprise control. The Analytical Fiori apps assure close monitoring of major KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) in real-time so that you can react instantly to the changes in market operations or conditions.

It’s to note here that Fiori was modeled based on close interaction with more than 250 customers. The close interaction was to comprehend most common business functions & ways, which in turn helped SAP to devise ways by which user experience could be simplified and improved for these functions. The previous Fiori users have reported a very positive experience with the new SAP UX. According to them, Fiori has helped them with enhanced employee productivity & satisfaction, lesser work-completion time as well as enhanced taking on the business processes.

Benefits of SAP Fiori:

SAP Fiori has been developed on advanced design principles to make the UX role-based, simple, responsive, coherent & delightful. Earlier, the enterprise software solutions were themed on the transactional processes. But Fiori declines the traditional outlook and rather concentrates on users & their goals. As it disaggregates the transactional processes, it is able to support users with relevant tasks only, in tune with their jobs.

  • Fiori enhances user satisfaction via its easily operable intuitive interface.
  • No special training is required to work with Fiori.
  • Fiori drives efficiency & productivity of staff with lower TCO.
  • It promotes better decisions in business by enabling faster approvals.
  • It leverages the existent SAP investments through offering immediate value to each employee & process.

One of the best bits of Fiori lies in quick accession to data that users require performing their tasks every day. The Fiori users would be able to access the paystubs without their physical presence in office & it will also help the firm to take to a sustainable paper-less business model. Fiori assures immediate accession to workflows like travel requests, purchase orders, timesheets, expenses & more. Most importantly, customers would receive immediate answers as the sales person would be able to check out product availability as well as create & track the sales orders, invoices and shipments- anywhere, anytime.

Fiori is available in German & English at present but there are plans to include 8 more languages in the list in near future.



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