Few Tips to Directorial Job Searching Candidate

As said by great man Zig, "If you can dream it, you can achieve it. You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want." -Zig Ziglar ...

The following is an example, how I think, behave and perform, I hope this information helps:

A Director position holder must be:

~~~ A strategic thinker who provides thought leadership to projects and products

--- I always believed in "Strategic Thinking", it is a powerful and invaluable skill, one that leads to greater chances of success in projects one is involved in. It involves:

      ** Setting goals,
      ** Developing long-range plans,
      ** Anticipating the unexpected,
      ** Continuous analyzing of one's environment, and
      ** Cooperating with One's competitors to have an added advantage.

~~~ Data driven planning, specifically in the world of Big Data and decision making

--- It is a known fact, that the decisions to any new product desgin, develop, test and launch are purely based on Data, I always have presented my research with data to my management and my recommendations to the entire teams I worked with for all os us come to a consencous and make informed decisions.

~~~ Strong motivator and team builder

--- I like not to take any thing personally, I like to work with anyone at any time basis, I am a student of life and share my positive experiences with life to motivate others, how to handle conflicting situations and more.

~~~ High degree of customer orientation

--- We are consumers first, if we think like this and walk in the shoes of consumers a Mile before making any choice, we are at added advantage, this is what I always do.

~~~ Must be an advocate of lean processes

--- I strongly beleive in the best use of available resources, as it is the key to success. It is vital to identify the value of the project/product, stream line all values, create a work flow, by establishing a pull to complete project/product, try to get as much perfection as possible, and restart this process...This was majorly my process impromenet cycles.

~~~ Be committed to organizational development and operational excellence

--- There is a big saying, I absolutly beleive in "The food container you eat from, do not poke holes in it, rather take care of it".

~~~ Hands on experience in building and delivering enterprise class software products

--- Absolutely, this is what I do. I worked for Mitsubishi Motors Supply Chain Management, Texas Oil's Oil Products Manufacturing Management are few of to mention.

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