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Excel's New BI Tools and How They Can Help a Business

Are you using the latest analytics tools and technologies in your business? The leading organisations in most industries commit a lot of time and resources to these types of systems and they are reaping the rewards as a result of this effort and investment. Excel's new BI tools, in particular, are changing the way many business owners and business decision makers view their business analysis strategies and they are using these types of tools more often. Below is an explanation of what these tools are, who they can benefit, and the types of  Excel`s new BI tools that are currently available.

What Are Excel BI Tools?

Excel BI tools are a range of different software systems, cloud-based systems, and mobile apps that allow business owners to analyse their business data in a much easier and more effective way. These tools can be accessed in the traditional ways or online. For example, Excel tools can be accessed using PC's, tablets, and laptops, or you can access your business data over the internet from any location and at any time you wish to do so.

Excel BI tools can be used by a single user or you can allow other people to access your business data through these tools. This is particularly important if you work as part of a team or the company's staff work in different places and offices.

Who Can Benefit from Excel BI Tools?

Power BI tools can be used by a wide range of business professionals and technical experts in all types of organisations. Business analysts can use these tools to get a greater insight into the data produced and stored by a business. Once they have this insight, they can quickly generate reports and make recommendations about how to use the data produced in a business.

Business professionals can quickly access all kinds of data through easy-to-use dashboards. This allows these professionals to make fast, accurate business decisions and they can work in a much more flexible way. Because Excel BI is relatively simple to use, many business professionals are attending courses so that they can use it themselves without needing to wait on their IT department.

Technical experts, such as IT experts and developers can benefit from these systems because they are more secure than many other systems and they can be managed more easily than many other types of business systems. As well as this, these systems and apps can be integrated with other systems and embedded in other systems, resulting in much more powerful overall systems in a business.

There are several different types of Excel BI tools.

Power BI

Power BI is designed to allow you to access any business-related data, anywhere in the world, at any time of the day or night. This cloud-based system includes a powerful and easy-to-navigate dashboard that displays live business data. Power BI can be integrated with a wide range of other business systems such as analytics systems and customer relationship management systems, which will give your business and your decision makers more insights into the activities taking place in your organisation and how it is performing.

Power BI Desktop

Time is of the essence when you want to access specific data or you want to create important reports that display certain business patterns and events. Power BI Desktop is designed with this convenience in mind. With Power BI Desktop, you can quickly and easily create eye-catching reports and visualizations and customize your data to suit your requirements.

Power BI Premium

In many instances, the data stored on modern business systems and analytics systems needs to be accessed and used by a wide range of users, such as managers, sales staff and other personnel. Power BI Premium allows you to do this and it is the perfect solution when you want specific teams or everyone in your organisation to be able to access specific information related to your business. This BI tool has an easy-to-use dashboard and extremely powerful reporting capabilities and you can use it as a cloud-based system or use it separately in your own business, with mobile and portal access options available.

Power BI Mobile

As the name suggests, Power BI mobile is a business app that allows you to keep up-to-date with your business's data at any time and from any location, through a wide range of mobile devices. The Power BI Mobile app can be installed on iOS, Android, and Windows phones and you can download it from the Windows Store, the App Store or Google Play.

Once again, Power BI Mobile allows you to visualise and personalise its dashboard and reports so that it's extremely easy to understand the information it produces. With this app, it's also possible to share data and keep other people updated about the latest occurrences in your business, which is extremely important if you work as part of a team and your other team members are in different locations.

Power BI Embedded

If your business has its own apps, it's possible to embed the latest BI tools such as Power BI into these apps. This allows you to produce up-to-the-minute analytics, which is often crucial in today’s business world. For example, if a large number of your customers use a particular app, the BI tool embedded in that app can instantly produce important data and insights that allow you to make better business decisions based on this information.

Power BI Report Server

If you are unsure about using a cloud-based reporting system at the moment and you want more control over your business data and reporting features, you can carry out this activity in your own business premises by using Power BI Report Server. Down the line, you may decide to move your reporting functions to the cloud and you can eventually do this too, thanks to the Power BI Premium feature, which allows you to move reporting to the cloud at a later time.

The data produced in a business is an extremely important resource. However, you need to have greater insights into what your business data actually means and how your organisation can benefit from this information. The latest suite of Excel BI tools allows you to do this.

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