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Vitria IoT Platform

Vitria’s IoT analytics platform enables you to transform your business operations and boost revenue growth through Faster Analytics, Smarter Actions, and Better Outcomes Faster.

Faster and unified analytics via Temporal Analytics Engine over all data types and cycles. Smarter Actions enable better outcomes by combining prescriptive analytics with intelligent actions. Self-service and automation capabilities empower teams to accelerate time-to-value. and create analytics solutions in minutes vs. months.


Tellient's IoT Analytics gives you the whole story with beautiful graphs for humans, organized data for machines, designed for the Internet of Things. As the only analytics platform built specifically for the Internet of Things, Tellient's IoT Analytics helps manufacturers of smart connected devices know what those devices are doing so they can make them better.


ParStream’s Analytics Platform was purpose-built for scale to handle the massive volumes and high velocity of IoT data. The Platform helps companies generate timely, actionable insights from IoT data by providing more innovative and efficient ways to analyze that data – faster, with greater flexibility and closer to the source. The Platform uniquely queries at the source of data for real-time analysis as data is being loaded. It also provides unified analytics of real-time data in every query and generates more accurate insights for decision-makers with the continuous import of new data.

IBM IoT Platform

IBM Internet of Things Foundation provides simple, but powerful application access to IoT devices and data to help you rapidly compose analytics applications, visualization dashboards and mobile IoT apps.

Dell Statistica IoT Platform

Dell has empowered its users with a powerful business data analytics tool named ‘Dell Statistica’, which is capable of delivering wide range of solutions to various sectors say process optimization in manufacturing sector to fraud detection in banking industry and it even allows analytics on the gateway providing faster local insights.

Spunk IoT Platform

It offers a platform for operational intelligence that assists you to search, monitor, analyze and visualize machine generated big data from various websites, networks and other IoT devices. In recent announcement, Splunk is to deliver Real time Analytics and Visualization for AWS IoT Service.

Intel® IoT Analytics Platform

This beta cloud-based analytics system for IoT includes resources for the collection and analysis of sensor data. Using this service, you can jump-start data acquisition and analysis without having to invest in large-scale storage and processing capacity.

Pentaho IoT Platform

Sensor, machine-to-machine, and network data are expected to play a larger role in analytics as the Internet of Things becomes a reality. However, these data types present significant challenges related to data volume and variety, as well as predictive modeling. Pentaho provides the ability to blend operational data with data from your IT systems of record and deliver intelligent analytics to those stakeholders who need them most.

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Comment by Görkem Çetin on March 7, 2016 at 11:15am

Thanks Gilboz, really good list. Most of them are towards enterprises however (excluding Intel's, which is for non-commercial use and for end users). This market needs more players driven by open source, like Countly IoT Analytics platform. It's quite new but can do most of the work that's expected from an analytics service. Again, thanks for this great opportunity and looking forward to see 2nd part of this blog.

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