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Not all of DSC's readership celebrates Thanksgiving this week, but nearly every culture on Earth does celebrate some form of harvest festival. The grains have been harvested, fruits and vegetables gathered and preserved, meats (for many cultures) cured and preserved against the coming winter snows or blustery rains. It is a time when families come together - virtually if not always physically, as 2020 has so amply proven - to share memories, catch up on how the kids (or grandkids) are growing up, and gather around the table to take in the fruits of one's labor.

Such festivals are a time to take stock, to recognize the good things that happened in the year while learning from the bad. The role of data analytics can sometimes devolve into what's the best algorithm or what techniques create the most lucid visualization, but it is always worth remembering that the end goal of such analytics is about understanding - about learning from the past and preparing for the future. If you cannot, at the end of a project, articulate what it is that you have learned from the analysis, then you didn't really complete it. It is that understanding which differentiates good data analysis from bad.

Anyway, I have some dressing with my name on it to attend to. Enjoy, and as always, we are always looking for articles from you, our community, about the nature of data science, artificial intelligence, and the future of work.

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