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One of the biggest impacts the pandemic has had is the complete turmoil that it has left of the educational system in most countries. Extended lockdowns and the need for social distancing have played havoc with the traditional mode of gathering students together into classrooms led by teachers working from blackboards. What has replaced it has been virtual classrooms - teachers reaching out to students at their homes, instructional materials morphed into web portals, interactive demos, zoom meetings, and tracking of progress through cloud-based data stores.

We here at Data Science Central and the broader Tech Target family see education as a big part of our mandate - teaching people to become proficient with the tools of data science, analytics, and machine learning, coordinating our activities and offerings with our many educational partners, and providing the resources that will help you as student, professional, educator, or manager in this fast moving sector.

Do you have tools or sites that you recommend, do you have funny or frustrating stories to tell, do you have ideas about education in the pandemic era that the DSC community should know? I'd be interested in hearing other people's experiences with how the Covid-19 pandemic has changed your approach to learning and/or teaching, and how data science and AI plays a part in that. 

Anyway, enjoy, and as always, we are always looking for articles from you, our community, about the nature of data science, artificial intelligence, and the future of work. 

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