Viral program for data science authors and bloggers

You are invited to tweet links from our network on Twitter and Google+, and earn money.

Links must be from DataScienceCentral.comBigDataNews.com or AnalyticBridge.com. It can be your own featured blog posts that you published on our network, or any article, resource or forum question that you like on our network.

1. How to participate and win?

Each month, $250 will be offered to one of the posters, randomly selected. The winner will be announced and featured on DSC. Posting two rather than one link doubles your chance of winning. To tweet a link, you can use (for instance) bit.ly to shorten the URL. Your tweet should consist of the article title (or your comment about the article), the shortened URL, and the hash tag #abdsc (the abbreviation for analytic bridge data science central).

Example of tweet:

Tweet: Interesting videos produced with R http://bit.ly/17uALJ1 #abdsc

The tweet will be rendered like this on the #abdsc Twitter page, when posted:

Posted link: Interesting videos produced with R http://bit.ly/17uALJ1 #abdsc

2. How does it work?

We will heavily promote the #abdsc Twitter page. So having tweets with the #abdsc hash tag will drive traffic to your Twitter profile and your other tweets. A great way to gain visibility, whether you win or not! In addition, we will mark your tweets as "Favorites", and we we follow you on Twitter.

All tweets must contain the hash tag #abdsc. Other hash tags might be offered later. So everyone can see who participates and how active everyone is, both on Twitter and Google+.  To view activity and participants on the special #abdsc Twitter page, click here.

If we have enough participants, we will offer more than one $250 award.   

3. Where to find interesting links to tweet?

We have more than 10,000 blog posts, forum questions and resources on our network. There must be some that you like. To find stuff you'd like to tweet, you can

4. The easy way to participate

If you are already a member of our community (DataScienceCentral.comBigDataNews.com or AnalyticBridge.com) then posting a link can be done in just one click: find the Twitter or Google icon at the bottom of the article, and click on it. There is a Twitter and Google+ "share link" icon at the bottom of each message on our network, including this very message: you are welcome to use this page for your first #abdsc tweet!  Don't forget to add the hash tag #abdsc anywhere in your tweet, e.g. at the end.

Finally, you can have more than one hash tag per tweet, as in

Tweet: Interesting videos produced with R http://bit.ly/17uALJ1 #abdsc #visualization

5. How do I get paid?

Winners will be contacted by email to receive payment via Paypal, and featured on Data Science Central and our weekly digest. DSC staff and clients are not eligible.

6. Special $500 award for very popular tweets

We also have a separate program to reward very popular, genuine tweets. If a tweet generates a significant volume of high quality traffic (more than 1,000 real page views), we will offer a $500 award to the author. If you want to participate in this special program, you should

  1. Use bit.ly as the URL shortener ,
  2. Add your own tags to the URL you want to tweet (recommended but not mandatory, just in case another participant is also posting the same link)
  3. And of course, add the #abdsc hash tag in your tweet.


  • We are one of the leading experts in detecting non valid traffic and scoring tweets for their quality and relevancy, using state-of-the-art data science technology. Only qualified tweets from human beings will be considered.
  • We might occasionally tweet updates or announcements about this program, using the #abdsc hash tag. You can easily recognize our tweets as they originate from @analyticbridge. Our profile picture on Twitter (see red bridge picture at the top in this announcement) represents the mathematical bridge over the Cam river at Cambridge, UK, where Data Science Central co-founder Vincent Granville completed his post-graduate studies before moving to the United States.

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