Do you know that these phrases are being flagged in Goldman Sachs?

Financial institutions are under tremendous pressure to comply with regulatory and securities laws. Traditional methods of compliance relied on hand-coded rules that provided detailed control, but introduced human bias and yielded false negative results. Ensuring compliance is complicated by diverse channels such as email, chat, instant messaging, social media, and a deluge of new data types and structures.  

How can a company protect itself from losses, fines and damage to its reputation related to fraud, misrepresentation, insider trading, money laundering, and other forms of criminal activity while still allowing the free exchange of information required to do business?

Advanced Analytics can alleviate this issue by monitoring, flagging, and scoring non-compliant violations and behaviors. Attend our communications compliance in banking webinar 6/21/2016 9am PST to Learn more: bit.ly/1UO5x8K


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