Do you have these 6 skills to be a manager?

Do You Have These Six Skills to Be a Manager?


People want to become managers for a variety of reasons. The most common reasons that candidates desire to be managers are pay increase, status, power and authority. However, being a manager is so much more than getting to say “I’m the boss” and flaunting one’s status. A manager has a heap of responsibilities, and that person can lose his or her position in a heartbeat if the numbers do stay on top. Companies look for six crucial qualities when they seek managers for any vocation. The following are the six qualities that one must have to become a manager in a business:

1. Patience and Perseverance


Patience is a must when it comes to management. The business manager has to be calm and collected while dealing with people who are slow to learn, rude, immature and sometimes not passionate about the position. A manager has to be able to persevere through many tough challenges. The absence of those qualities can be disastrous for the company because an impatient manager may have a tendency to explode.

2. Loads of Passion


A business manager has to have passion. The person has to have a passion for the company, the product or the work. Lack of passion leads to lazy efforts. Lazy efforts do not increase sales or win customer service awards. A business manager has to be sure that he or she can dedicate years to serving the company. A managerial job will not work if the person has no passion because that person will disappear when the pressure gets to be too much. The would-be manager would need to be sure that he or she desires a career rather than a job. Management is a long-term career.

3. Organizational Skills


Organizational skills are necessary for a job in management. A manager will have to be able to delegate tasks to the employees who can enact them the best. The manager will have to take on the responsibility of hiring and firing people for the workforce. Furthermore, the manager will have to conduct operational tasks such as price changing, inventory counting and merchandising. Sharp organizational skills play a role in all of those tasks.

4. The Gift of Persuasiveness


Persuasiveness is something that is necessary for any person who wants to assume a position as a leader of any kind. A manager will have to have the gift of persuasiveness for many necessary tasks. First, the manager will have to be able to persuade his or her employees to follow the example that he or she is being set. Secondly, the manager will have to persuade customers to purchase products and services. A manager candidate can learn to develop the gift of persuasiveness by taking classes. Leadership courses and sales negotiation training can help a person who is a little light on such skills. Valuable negotiation training can bring someone up to snuff who is in the running for a managerial position.

5. Problem-Solving Abilities


Problem solving is a skill that a manager candidate has to have because problems will be thrown at him or her every day. The manager will have to be able to come up with strategic answers for employee disagreements, customer complaints, and upper-level demands. The manager is often left alone with a group of employees. He or she will need the ability to come up with solutions alone.

6. Leadership Skills


Leadership skills consist of a broad range of skills that place one person above the employees when it comes to leading. Not everyone has leadership skills. In fact, some people are outright devoid of leadership skills. Helpful courses are available to build self-confidence and esteem.

The previously mentioned qualities are necessary for one to have success as a part of the management staff. A business can succeed best if it trains its employees in the previously mentioned areas.

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