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Digital Camera Market Trends, Key Vendors Analysis, Import & Export, Revenue by Forecast to 2022

Market Highlights:

Digital camera produce digital image records cinematic image in digital appearance. Dissimilar to film photographs which relatively have enormous resolution, digital camera accumulate images digitally in a memory chip which is an alternative to recording them on the film. Once the photograph is taken it can be initialized to a computer system displayed on the screen and printed. Digital cameras shares optical structure, commonly using lens with a fluctuating diaphragm to spotlight on to an image pickup device. Many current devices are adequate to grab sound or video further to still images. The major influence of digital camera is that making photos economical and quick being there is no film processing. The biggest producer of the film Kodak refined photo CD format which has come to be de facto barometer for accumulating digital photograph.


The global  Digital Cameras Market is presently formed by range of radical trends connected to lenses, photo accessories and other key features. The global market for digital cameras is anticipated to testify robust advancement ahead along with technological developments like touch screen and high definition (HD) quality cameras. The acceptance of digital single lens reflex cameras is additional the reason for overall market to speedily gain grip compared to analogous markets. It is likely that digital SLR cameras market will enormously grow due to growing inclination of individual towards photography. The factors such as collapsing prices, and intense competition among industry giants acts as a major restraining factors for the digital camera market.

The makers of digital cameras have a major challenge as sale of smartphone is continue to boom and frame digital camera market particularly fixed lens digital cameras. The shortfall of innovation has meant that customers are no longer inspired to buy new models. Makers are looking out for the next big thing in digital cameras, despite the market for digital camera is abstained.

The global digital camera market is predicted to reach ~5.1 billion by the year of 2022 and it is growing at CAGR of 7.1% between the years 2016 to 2022.

Major Key Players:

  • Eastman Kodak company (U.S.),
  • koninklijke Philips N.V (Netherlands),
  • Pentax corporation (Japan),
  • Samsung group (South Korea),
  • Panasonic Corporation. (JAPAN),
  • OLYMPUS Corporation (Japan),
  • Fujifilm Holdings Corporation(Japan),S
  • ONY Corporation.- (Japan),
  • Nikon Corporation(Japan),
  • Canon Inc. (Japan)


The Global Digital camera market has been segmented on the basis of product type, digital sensor type, application, components and geography. The product types of the digital camera market is segmented is on digital single lens reflex (DSLR), bridge camera, compact digital cameras, digital rangefinders, built-in lens, non-reflex. By digital sensor types market is segmented into CCD sensor, CMOS sensor, Foveon X3 sensor, Live MOS sensor. On the basis of components digital camera markets segmented in lenses, sensors, LCD screen, memory card and among others. Whereas, on the basis of application it is further classified as residential and commercial and on the basis of geography it has been segmented in North America, Europe, Asia pacific, and rest of the world. 

Regional Analysis:

Makers of digital camera in countries such as India, china awaits to take hold of the money making growth and countries like United States and European market testify mature conditions. North America had been dominant market in recent years. In the global digital camera market Europe, and the United states are foreseen to steal the honor from the other markets of the world.


With the broadening abundance of customers in Asia pacific, the market is presaged to have overkill demand for DSLR cameras, so that contribute to the comprehensive growth of the international market. Asia Pacific is the largest market for the digital cameras and also predicted to continue to grip the market.


The Latin American market is also predicted to become strong in coming years as the demand of the consumer is high for interchangeable lens and build in lens cameras. 


Intended Audience

  • Component manufacturer
  • Camera manufacturer
  • Battery manufacturer
  • System integrators
  • Sensors manufacturer

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