This blog post is a follow up post to Embrace Relationships with Neo4J, R & Java

Neo4j Cypher is a declarative graph query language that allows for expressive and efficient querying and updating of the graph store. Cypher is a relatively simple but still very powerful language. Very complicated database queries can easily be expressed through Cypher. This allows us to focus on the domain instead of getting lost in database access.

Cypher is designed to be a humane query language, suitable for both developers and operations professionals. Being a declarative language, Cypher focuses on the clarity of expressing what to retrieve from a graph, not on how to retrieve it. The complete blog post is at Decipher Neo4J Cypher Query Language (CQL) and covers the following scenarios:

  • Retrieve all the languages that has at least one question
  • Retrieve all java questions
  • Retrieve all java questions with its corresponding answers
  • Retrieve all java questions with the corresponding questioner
  • Retrieve all the users who answered the java questions
  • Retrieve maximum and minimum score for all questions in each language
  • Retrieve questions that has more than 100 views in all languages
  • Retrieve questions that has score less than 10 in all languages
  • Retrieve questions that has maximum score in all languages
  • Retrieve questions which has minimum views in all languages
  • Retrieve details related to the questions  in  all languages
  • Retrieve all users who questioned in Java or Python

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