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DataViZ, Data Science and Machine Learning White Papers - Part 3

Here are some white papers about Alteryx and Continuum Analytics. Alteryx is a tool that enables a user to blend data from different sources in one seamless workflow. Continuum Analytics helps people discover, analyze, and collaborate by connecting their curiosity and experience with any data.


  • Clean Your Data Faster - Download our “Clean Your Data Faster for Tableau” whitepaper to see how Alteryx enables you to spend less time preparing data and more time analyzing and visualizing data. Alteryx easily solves these three commonly encountered problems when preparing your data for Tableau:

Continuum Analytics

  • High Performance Python for Open Data Science - Your team has built the data science models. You've showcased the results to the business and they are sold. Now you've got to make sure that your model scales to meet the rigorous performance targets. Should you buy bigger machines? Should you move to Hadoop?
  • Harnessing Open Data Science for Predictive Analytics - Open Data Science is an inclusive movement that makes data, analytics and computation easily work together as a connected ecosystem. Interoperability is the key to success in building, sharing and deploying predictive analytics in enterprises.
  • Whitepaper: The Journey to Open Data Science - Migrating from traditional analytics to modern Open Data Science (ODS) is one of the most important trends of the decade. However, although this migration is critical to the core mission of many enterprises, practicing Data Science effectively has remained a thorny challenge.

For more white papers, click here.

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