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Data storage “The suspended data grid”

Nowadays we hear a lot about big data, cloud, or the big data analytics on cloud. One of the underlying needs here is the data storage. It is stored as 0’s and 1’s in some datacenters. It isn’t cheap to maintain all of this data. Looking at the heat generated by these datacenters, it isn’t even environment friendly.

Can this data be really in the clouds? (The real clouds formed in the sky) :)

In India we have heard about Rishi’s who used to sit under a tree and meditate for years and then attain enlightenment. I am sure that most of us would have heard about the geniuses connecting to some super consciousness. At moments these Rishi’s or the geniuses that we know of; would have made a quantum jump and their brain got filled with lot of information/data that they weren’t aware of previously.

Did Rishi’s and geniuses have a brain which had the capability to connect to data that is suspended in the universe?

If some of our brains can connect to the suspended data, would it be really possible to create a Technology that can pump information back and forth into the universe? I like to call it “The suspended data grid”

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