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Data Scientists are Improving the World

MIT Sloan Management Review (MIT SMR), through an academic-industry collaborative partnership with SAS, has developed a long term research initiative connected with analytics and management innovation.

Last month I posted a blog pointing to the findings from our latest data and analytics global executive study and report, "The Talent Dividend," highlighting the role of analytics talent in creating competitive advantage at data-oriented companies. 

Following publication we conducted a free, live webinar to share our findings, featuring as speakers the authors of the report:  Sam Ransbotham (associate professor in information systems at Boston College and guest editor at MIT SMR), David Kiron (executive editor at MIT SMR) and Pamela Kirk Prentice (chief research officer at SAS Institute Inc.).

Intended to provide deeper insights into the report's findings, the discussion revolved around the following topics:

  • When and how to seek analytics talent internally.
  • Why a focus on talent integration, not infusion, is so important.
  • The merits of a buddy system.
  • How to build an ability to consume analytical insights across the entire organization.

If you missed the webinar live, the recorded version is available for viewing.  

Our premise is as follows:

     Analytics is pervasive and growing

     “It’s not just high-tech. It’s going to be every kind of business.”  -- Hal Varian, chief economist, Google

     Success with analytics is contingent on people 

     “The shift from looking backwards versus prescriptive and predictive analytics is also a shift in people's                       thinking.”  -- Mathew Chacko, director of enterprise architecture, The Coca-Cola Company

     New approaches are earning dividends

     “A new space and a new way of looking at things … it’s drawing people to come together. The silos of                         the past aren’t holding us up.”  -- Vince Campisi, CIO, GE Software

If this is a topic that interests you, I invite you to watch all or part of the webinar, download the handouts and if so inclined, let us know if you have any additional insights to share.  Enjoy!

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