Data Scientists... and the Rest of Us


Recently, I’ve been feeling like I’ve stepped through a looking glass to another similar-but-very-different world. I’m steeped in 20+ years in corporate data warehousing and business intelligence practice. Throughout that time, there have been big and small technology improvements, but nothing truly disruptive (although new analytic platforms are coming).

Meanwhile, a completely different thread of data analysis has emerged, with roots in open-source software, notably Hadoop, primarily designed for processing massive amounts of semi-structured web data. As the technology has advanced, it’s making more and more impact on “traditional” data warehousing.

The people using these new technologies have founded their own visions of what the role of an analyst looks like, or as they call it, a “data scientist”. DJ Patil and Jeff Hammerbacher coined the term a few years ago (there’s a nice graphical summary of the data scientist role by David Vellante), and DJ recently wrote an excellent piece defining the role.

Read the entire feature here: http://timoelliott.com/blog/2011/10/data-analysts-data-scientists-a...

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