We created a Data Science position test. 

This short test includes few multiple choice questions to check your knowledge.

This test includes the following skills:

  • R
  • Hadoop
  • Python

Take the test here

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Comment by Verabyte on January 3, 2016 at 3:49pm
Totally agree, R, Python and Hadoop are just one Branch of the tree. Fortunately they are easy to learn. It gets more complicated and enduring when it comes to stats know how or exoerience concerning data prep. Data Science also consists of these. But indeed: interesting test.

Regards, Vera
Comment by Vincent Granville on October 22, 2015 at 7:34am

What about algorithms and techniques, such as logistic regression, decision trees, clustering, collaborative filtering, SVM, ensembles, tagging algorithms, advertising mix optimization, association rules, linkage, predictive analytics, model fitting, cross-validation, time-series, robust statistics, lifecycle of data science projects, predictive power and other similar metrics, attribution modeling, the curse of big data etc.?

Or questions about analytic acumen such as the ability to visualize patterns in time series or charts, with the naked eye? Or analytical intuition?

This questionnaire focus only on one part of data science: coding. Indeed some of the best data scientists don't even code anymore, they may play with API's or design architecture and systems. Anyway, interesting test, worth trying if you are looking to get hired in a role involving coding. Below is a sample question.

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