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Adam Bly CEO, Seed

Adam Bly founded and is CEO of Seed, a technology, media, and professional services company committed to advancing science and its potential to improve the state of the world. He began his career at the age of 16 as the youngest researcher at the National Research Council of Canada, where he spent three years studying the biochemistry of cancer. Following his time in the lab, he set out to launch Seed, a new type of science magazine for our times — tag‐lined “Science is Culture” — with the mission of raising and modernizing scientific literacy. “The best comparison for Seed,” wrote a media critic at the time of the magazine’s launch, “is the early years of Rolling Stone, when music was less a subject than a lens for viewing culture.”

In 2007, he was named a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum. He is a recipient of the Golden Jubilee Medal from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and his achievements have been highlighted by Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chrétien, “for showing people the scope and power of science not just as an object of study but as a key to understanding the world around us.” He has spoken around the world on the future of science and its role in society.

John Brownstein

Co-Founder, HealthMap

Dr. John Brownstein was trained as an epidemiologist in the Department of Epidemiology and Public Health at Yale University where he received his PhD. He completed his postdoctoral training at Children's Hospital Boston and Harvard Medical School. He currently holds research grants from the National Institutes of Health, Canadian Institutes of Health Research, and the

John has advised the Institute of Medicine, the US Department of Health and Human Services, the Department of Defense and the White House on real-time public health surveillance. His research has been reported on widely including pieces in Science, Nature, New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, National Public Radio and the BBC.

Michael Chui

Senior Fellow, McKinsey Global Institute

Michael Chui is a Senior Fellow of the McKinsey Global Institute, where he directs research on the impact of information technologies, such as Big Data, Web 2.0 and the Internet of Things, on business and the economy. He co-authored the MGI report entitled “Big data: The next frontier for innovation, competition and productivity.” He has served clients in the High Tech, Media and Telecom industries on strategy, innovation and product development, IT, sales & marketing, M&A and organization. His research has been cited globally in publications such as the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Financial Times, Fast Company, Forbes, The Economist, The Times of London, and Les Échos.

Michael holds a B.S. in Symbolic Systems from Stanford University and earned a Ph.D. in Computer Science and Cognitive Science, and a M.S. in Computer Science, from Indiana University.

Jeffery Davitz

Founder and CEO, Solariat

Jeffrey founded Solariat, a company built on patented technology that finds actionable opportunities hidden in social. Prior to Solariat, Jeffrey founded and managed the Social Computing Group at SRI’s Artificial Intelligence Center. While at SRI, Jeffrey was on the management team of the CALO project — the largest AI project in history involving research and system development efforts at over 22 universities. As part of that effort, Jeffrey’s Social Computing team developed the first social network based FAQ system. The team also deployed several conversational assistant tools, which are still in use across a range of private social networks in the US Army and Air Force.

Nora Denzel

Senior Vice President, Big Data, Marketing and Social at Intuit

Nora Denzel is Intuit's senior vice president leading the company's big data and social design initiatives, and the central marketing organization. "Big data" is the emerging science of creating, organizing and analyzing very large datasets to gain new insights and use information efficiently. Appointed to this role in August 2011, she is responsible for establishing, directing and implementing Intuit's data strategy, and quickly converting information into a competitive advantage through the company's social design and central marketing programs.

Nora joined Intuit in 2008, serving as senior vice president and general manager of the company's Employee Management Solutions Business Unit which provides easy-to-use payroll and employee benefits services to more than one million small businesses.

Previously, she was senior vice president of Hewlett-Packard's global software business, where she led the division to double-digit growth and profitability. Earlier, Nora served as senior vice president of product operations at Legato Systems Inc., now a division of EMC. She began her career as an engineer at IBM and advanced quickly to executive positions during her 13-year tenure with the company.

Michael Driscoll

Co-Founder & CEO, Metamarkets

Michael Driscoll has a decade of experience developing large-scale databases and predictive algorithms for digital media, financial, and life sciences firms. He is the CEO and co-founder at Metamarkets, and Chairman of Dataspora LLC, a big data & analytics consultancy he founded in 2007. Previously, he founded the online retailer,, and worked as a software engineer for the Human Genome Project. Michael holds a Ph.D. in Bioinformatics from Boston University and an A.B. from Harvard College.

Oren Etzioni

Professor, University of Washington and Co-founder

Oren Etzioni is a Professor of Computer Science at the University of Washington. His the author of over 200 technical papers on topics related to data mining, search, and Artificial Intelligence, and the founder of three companies. His first company, Netbot, was the first company to enable customers to do online comparison shopping (acquired by Excite in 1997). His second company, Farecast, advised people when to buy their air tickets to avoid buyer’s remorse. Farecast was acquired by Microsoft in 2008 and became the foundation for Bing Travel. Decide, founded in 2010, is Etzioni’s third company, which utilizes research on both data- and text- mining to minimize regrets in E-commerce.

Bob Flores

Founder and President Applicology; Former CTO, U.S. Intelligence

Bob Flores is the Founder and President of Applicology Incorporated, an independent consulting firm specializing in informatics and cyber security issues. Prior to starting Applicology, Bob spent 31 years in the U.S. Intelligence Community where he held several positions, including Chief Technology Officer. Bob was also on several government-wide information sharing committees and councils. In addition to his senior level leadership and management positions, his career included assignments in applications programming, training and education, contract and project management, and both line and staff management roles at various levels of the Agency. He holds Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in Statistics from Virginia Tech.

Bob is an independent Director for Appistry and Centripetal Networks, and participates on several Advisory Boards.

Jim Frederick

International Editor and Executive Editor, TIME

Jim Frederick is the international editor and executive editor for TIME. Jim was the managing editor of until September 2011. Before joining the N.Y. bureau, he was a senior editor in London where he helped coordinate coverage of Europe, Africa and the Middle East for the magazine and Prior to that, he served as TIME's Tokyo bureau chief for four years, writing about Japanese culture, government, and economics.

Prior to his tenure in Japan, Frederick was a senior editor with Time Inc. sister publication Money magazine in New York, where he was responsible for much of the magazine’s investing and technology coverage. In his six years at Money, Frederick wrote and edited stories on everything from banking, stocks and mutual funds to travel, retirement and savings. He also wrote and edited long-form business profiles and economic analysis pieces, including an examination of Microsoft's cash hoard and as well as an assessment of the financial impact of 9/11 on the U.S. economy.

Joe Hellerstein

Professor, UC Berkeley

Joseph M. Hellerstein is a Professor of Computer Science at the University of California, Berkeley, whose work focuses on data-centric systems and the way they drive computing. He is an ACM Fellow, an Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellow and the recipient of two ACM-SIGMOD "Test of Time" awards for his research. In 2010, Fortune Magazine included him in their list of 50 smartest people in technology , and MIT's Technology Review magazine included his work on Distributed Programming on their 2010 TR10 list of the 10 technologies "most likely to change our world". Key ideas from his research have been incorporated into commercial and open-source software from IBM, Oracle, and PostgreSQL.

Steven Hillion

Chief Product Officer, Alpine Data Labs

Steven Hillion has been leading large engineering and analytics projects for fifteen years. Before joining Alpine Data Labs, he founded the analytics group at Greenplum, leading a team of Data Scientists and also designing and developing new open-source and enterprise analytics software. Before that, he was vice president of engineering at M-Factor, Inc. (acquired by DemandTec) where he built analytical applications that became a global standard for demand modeling at companies like Coca-Cola. Earlier, at Kana Communications, Steven led the engineering group during the two largest releases of its flagship product, which remains the engine for email support at companies like eBay and Staples. At Scopus Technology (later Siebel Systems) he co-founded development groups for Finance, Telecom and other verticals.

Steven is originally from Guernsey, in the British Isles. He received his Ph.D. in mathematics from the University of California, Berkeley, and was a King Charles I Scholar at Oxford University.

Jeremy Howard

President and Chief Scientist, Kaggle

Jeremy Howard is President and Chief Scientist at Kaggle. Previously, he founded FastMail (sold to Opera Software) and Optimal Decisions sold to ChoicePoint — now called LexisNexis Risk Solutions). Prior to that he worked in management consulting, at McKinsey & Company and A.T. Kearney. Jeremy’s passion is applying algorithms to data. At FastMail he used algorithms to automate nearly every part of the business — as a result the company only needed a total of 3 full time staff, and got over a million signups. Optimal Decisions was a business entirely built to commercialize a new algorithm he designed for the optimal pricing of insurance. Jeremy competes regularly in data mining competitions, which he uses to test himself and stay on the leading edge of machine learning and predictive modeling technology. He is currently ranked #1 on Kaggle’s overall competitor rankings, out of over 16,000 data scientists.

Piyanka Jain

President & CEO,

Piyanka is the founder of Aryng, a well-regarded industry thought leader in analytics, speaking regularly at conferences and consistently being recognized as the "Best Speaker" at business conferences such as Predictive Analytics World, Integrated Business Planning and Business Performance Conference. With her 15 years of experience in analytics, she has had 100M+ demonstrated impact on business. Her prior roles include the head of NA Business Analytics at PayPal and senior marketing analytics position with Adobe.

Tarek Kamil

Executive Director, InfoMotion Sports Technologies

Tarek Kamil is the Executive Director of Online Strategy for startup InfoMotion Sports Technology (IST) and provides analytics consulting for professional and collegiate sports teams. IST uses embedded sensor technology to quantify sports skills and leverages that data as a cornerstone for online sports communities.

Prior to IST, he served as a VP of Interactive Games for Los Angeles-based FOX Sports. He oversaw all facets of the online gaming operations for the Interactive Unit, including based in Cincinnati. was founded by Tarek in February, 2000 and sold to FOX Interactive Media in September, 2005. Prior to leading the Interactive Games unit for FOX Sports, Tarek served as President/Founder of, the Internet’s leader in sports simulation technology, games and content. In just 5 short years, Tarek grew WhatIfSports from an idea to over 500,000 members and orchestrated partnerships with some of the largest names in sports, including ESPN, Fox Sports, MLB, NBA and the NHL. In February of 2005, WhatIfSports was named Sports Site of the Year by the International Academy of Digital Arts & Sciences, beating out both and Prior to launching, in 1997 Tarek founded, and served as President of, Incigna Technology Solutions — a provider of custom developed software and Internet solutions. Incigna worked with numerous Fortune 500 companies including General Electric, Anthem Insurance, Omnicare and Western Southern Financial.

Roger Magoulas

Director of Market Research, O'Reilly Media

Roger runs a team that is building an open source analysis infrastructure and provides analysis services, including technology trend analysis, to business decision-makers at O'Reilly and beyond. In previous incarnations, Roger designed and implemented data warehouse projects for organizations ranging from the San Francisco Opera to the Alberta Motor Club.

Nate Silver

Statistician and Writer,

Nate Silver is a statistician, writer and founder of The New York Times political blog Silver also developed PECOTA, a system for forecasting baseball performance that was bought by Baseball Prospectus. He was named one of the world's 100 Most Influential People by TIME magazine. He lives in Brooklyn, New York.

Richard Snee

Advisor, Data Science Central

Richard brings over 25 years of marketing and creative experience to both startups and Fortune 500 companies. Most recently Richard was VP Marketing at Greenplum, a Division of EMC, where he led Big Data initiatives including the creation of the first Data Scientist Summit in Las Vegas, May 2011. Prior to Greenplum, he was responsible for the marketing efforts at IronPort, taking the email and web security company from startup in 2001 through it's acquisition by Cisco in 2007 — for $830 million. In addition, Richard held leadership positions at Silicon Graphics and IBeam driving market development and technology adoption in the media industry. He is an accomplished writer, composer, director, producer and is currently working with Data Science Central, and the entertainment company

Hadley Wickham

Assistant Professor, Rice University

Hadley Wickham is an assistant professor of statistics at Rice University, and is interested in developing tools (both computational and cognitive) for making data preparation, visualization and analysis easier. He has developed over 20 R packages and in 2006 won the John Chambers Award for Statistical Computing for his work on ggplot and reshape. Recently, he has driven the development of, a community site for finding, rating and reviewing R packages.

Chris Wiggins

Associate Professor, Columbia

Chris Wiggins is co-organizer of hackNY and an associate professor of applied mathematics at Columbia University. His research focuses on applications of machine learning to real-world data. This includes inference, analysis, and organization of naturally-occurring networks; statistical inference applied to time-series data; and large-scale sequence informatics in computational biology. Prior to joining the faculty at Columbia he was a Courant Instructor at NYU and earned his PhD at Princeton University. He originally moved to NYC in 1989 to attend Columbia. Since 2001 he has also held appointments as a visiting scientist at Institut Curie (Paris), the Hahn-Meitner Institut (Berlin), and the Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics (Santa Barbara). At Columbia he serves as the faculty advisor for the Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) as well as the Application Development Initiative (ADI). He was awarded the Avanessians Diversity Award in recognition of his work enhancing diversity in departmental, school, and university programs at Columbia in 2007. He has served as a mentor during each of the Techstars NYC programs.

Nathan Wolfe

CEO and Founder, Global Viral Forecasting, Inc. 
Visiting Professor, Stanford University

Dr. Nathan Wolfe is the Lorry I. Lokey Visiting Professor in Human Biology at Stanford University and Director of the Global Viral Forecasting Initiative. He received his bachelor’s degree from Stanford in 1993 and his doctorate in Immunology & Infectious Diseases from Harvard in 1998. The recipient of a Fulbright fellowship in 1997, Dr. Wolfe was awarded the National Institutes of Health (NIH) International Research Scientist Development Award in 1999 and the prestigious NIH Director’s Pioneer Award in 2005.

Dr. Wolfe has published over 50 articles and chapters. Among his major findings include the discovery of the first evidence of natural transmission of retroviruses from nonhuman primates to humans. His work has been published in or covered by Nature, Science, The Lancet, PNAS, JAMA, The New York Times, The Economist, Wired, Discover, Scientific American, NPR, Popular Science, Seed, and Forbes. He has received research support totaling over $20m in grants and contracts from the, The Skoll Foundation, NIH, the National Science Foundation, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the National Geographic Society, Merck Research Laboratories and various branches of the US Department of Defense, including: the Global Emerging Infections Surveillance & Response System (GEIS), HIV/AIDS Prevention Program (DHAPP), and the US Military HIV Research Program (USMHRP). He has extensive consulting experience and has served on a number of advisory and editorial boards, including, since 2004, the editorial board of EcoHealth and since 2008, DARPA’s Defense Science Research Council (DSRC).